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Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOS)
type of health insure plan provided by large industries for employees at low rates
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
concerned with causes, spread, and control of disease in population
Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG)
method of cost control, patient with certain diagnosis are admitted to hispitals & classified in one payment group
Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
federal agency responsible for regulatin food and drug products sold to public
Health Departments
provide health serves as directed by the USDHHS and also provide specific services needed by the state or local community
Health Insurance Plans
covers healthcare expenses
Health Maintenace ORD (HMO)
provide total health care directed toward Preventive Health Care
Holistic Health Care
care that promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well being
Managed Care
all health care rpovided to a patient must have a purpose
Long Term Care Faculties (LTC or LTCFs)
provide assistance and care for elderly patients or individuals with disabilities or handicaps
medical assistance for individuals with low income, children who qualify for public assistance
National Institutes of Health (HIN)
involved in research on deseases
government program that provides medical care for elderly
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries
Omnibus Budget Reconcilation Act (OBRA)
federal law that regulates the education and testing of nursing assistants
US Department of Health and Human Servises (USDHHS)
national agency that deals with health problems in the U.S.
Workers Compensation
payment and care provided to an individual who is injured on the job
World Health Org (WHO)
compile statistics and information on diseases, publish health information, investigates & addresses serious health problems worldwide