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A local agency that receives money directly from the Federal government to operate a Head Start program
grantee agency
receives the grant
A local agency that receives money directly from another local agency to operate a Head Start program
delegate agency
given money
This group makes policy and is legally and financially responsible for the Head Start program
governing body
boards, etc.
A rule or regulation that tells a Head Start program how to operate
rules, regulations, etc.
This group has policy-making authority
policy group
Policy Councils, Policy Committees
The name given to Policy Councils and Policy Committees
policy groups
can establish policies
The level at which the Policy Council operates
grantee agency level
agency that receives the grant
The level at which the Policy Committee operates
delegate agency level
agency that gets money from grantee
An organization that operates a Head Start program
another name for an organization
A group in which all parents are members; every Head Start program must have at least one
Parent Committee
members are all parents