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Effect size
Difference in performance of those who have been trained and those who have not
The sum of what is known: a body of truths, information and principles.
4 primary types of basic skills or remedial training
1. Reading
2. Basic math or arithmetic
3. Writing
4. ESL
What % of organizational learning is done informally?
Up to 80%
How much do Canadian organizations spend each year on training and development?
$5 million.
What % of Canadians have every day trouble with alpha or numeric literacy?
What is the main method used by organizations to socialize new employees?
Orientation training.
What are 3 main objectives of diversity training?
1. Increase awareness
2. Reduce barriers and stereotypes
3. Change behaviours
Definition of a Learning Organization
Two-way learning process; organization that acquires, organizes, shares info & knowledge and uses new info and knowledge to change its behaviour to further its goals - increased capacity to learn, adapt & change culture
Definition of Organizational Learning
The process of creating, sharing, diffusing and applying knowledge in organizations