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unitary president -2
1.exec branch is one entity dedicated to implementing pres. policy
2.pres. must develp independent interpretation of constitution
unitary pres. makes move to -5
1.substansive policy making through exec orders
2.use of signing contracts
3.regulatory adjustment
4.politicazation of OMB
5. pulling process in white house
Neustadts key to pres. power
-gathering team totally committed to pres. agenda
-when emphasis is on commitment. super cabinets
-pres. is more clerk than commander. stronger pres need to overcome this problem.
3 things neustadts says helps
1.personality - acitive postive
2.vantage points-staff and cabinet and conditions
pres. needs help. in making policy and implementing and use of exec branch as vantage point
first line of operational and advisory committe. manage depts and oversee thousands of employees. send memos of importance
managing cabient
-dept. manager
-suber cabient - deputies chosen by president
c - outergroups for specailized groups
n- no groups. seve pres.
was administrative - now has functional/ polictical assignemnts
independent info. instead of dept. info. --> focus on high priority items