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reasons for presidential involevement (4)
1. belief in presidential mandate to carry out some policy
2. belief in presidential as voice of people
3. expectations people place on president
4. move to activist presidents - energy source
policy process (3 things)
1.problem stream
2. policy stream
3. political stream
stages of policy making 5
1. agenda setting
2. formulate policy
3. policy legitmation
4. policy implementation
5. policy evaluation
small changes in policy
rational comprehensive
drastic innovation based on an evaluation advantages and disadvantages of competing polices
president in deliberative process 4
1.consolidation of administrative control under independent exec.
2. president influence legislative policy with veto
3. legislative reccomendations
4. pres. and advisors engage in substantial internal deliberation
policy making is internalized bc? 2
composite presidency -5
1. first months figure out how to govern
2.bring campaign staff
3. exhaused when coming in
4. arrogance dangers
5.burecracy has no desire to change - iron triangles
iron triangeles
interest groups - exec - congress
OMB important
finger in dike. organizing mehcanism to attempt unified policy process