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Name 4 dimensions of diversity management.
1. Labour Force & Bus Environment Changes
2. Reduction in turnover
3. Customer Relations
4. Reduced backlash.
Name 4 aspects of business and environmental change that inform the need for diversity management.
1. Demographics
2. International labour market
3. International capital market.
4. International information flow.
Name several HR strategies for effective diversity management.
1. Ensure workplace supports such as flexible hours, etc.
2. Leave provisions for family flexible workplace
3. Benefits
4. Anti-disc & Harasssment policies & procedures
5. Diversity mgmt training for managers
6. Measure, celebrate success
Identify 6 steps to effective diversity mgmt
1. Clear statement of opportunities for change, gaps
2. Clear policy framework
3. Clearly-defined process for implementation
4. Clear evaluation methods
5. Clear timelines
6. Clear roles & responsibilities
6 steps to effective diversity mgmt (short-form)
1. Clear statement
2. Clear policy
3. Clear process
4. Clear evaluation method
5. Clear timelines
6. Clear roles & responsibilities
Describe several elements of an Employment Systems Review.
1. Identify relevant Employment Systems.
2. Understand what each system does.
3. Understand disparate impact of each system
4. Does disparate impact affect identified groups more than others?
5. Eliminate barriers
6. Will change create negative impact on anyone else?
7. Can risk of negative impact on others be mititaged?
Judge Rosalie Abella of the Ontario Court of Justice is associated with what HR practice related to diversity management?
Employment Equity
What are the four identified groups for purposes of Employment Equity?
People with Disabilities
Aboriginal Persons
Racial Minorities
What is Affirmative Action?
Identification of hiring or promotional quotas for identified groups to ensure equal participation.
What does the term "contract compliance" mean in the context of Affirmative Action?
Federal government initiatives for goods and services contracts to ensure that a certain amount of G & S are purchased from suppliers who demonstrate affirmative action.