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What are the 8 steps in organizational change management?
1. Communicate a sense of crisis
2. Create a guiding coalition
3. Create a vision for the transformed organization.
4.Communicate the vision
5.Remove obstacles
6.Plan and obtain quick wins
7.Ensure completion of transition
8.Normalize the change
Whose theory includes 8 steps for organizational change?
D X V X F must be greater than R.
Dissatisfaction X vision X first steps must be greater than resistance
What are 5 essential consulting steps in change management?
1. Entry and contracting
2. Data collection & diagnosis
3. Feedback & dec'n to implement
4. Partnering for implementation
5. Evaluation & termination
Kotter's model for change management builds on a model developed by whom?
Lewin, American psychologist (1940's)
What 3 steps did Lewin identify as essential to change management?
1. Unfreeze current performance state.
2. Move to a new level
3. Freeze group life at new level.
What 3-part framework did Lewin propose to support change management?
1. Unfrost the status quo
2. Take action to effect change.
3. Anchor change in corporate culture.
8 steps of change management
1. Create sense of urgency
2. Create a guiding coalition
3. Create a vision for org
4. Communicate vision
5. Remove obstacles
6. Plan & implement quick wins
7. Ensure completion
8. Normalize the change
5 steps of consulting
1. Entry and contracting
2. Data collection, diagnosis
3. Feedback, dec'n to implement
4. Partnering for implementation
5. Evaluate & terminate contract
Lewin short-form model
Unfreeze current perf.
Move to new level of perf
Freeze group at new level

Lewin = unfreeze, move, freeze