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Billingual Pay
-avail only to eligible regular statuus employees selected to fill a spot.
-not aotomatic
Who will be resp. for determining who is on billingual pay?
-The Dept. Head
-pick the most qualified
Resp. of a paid billingual employee
-avail on a regular basis
-avail for emergency situations on off duty hours(poss.)
-must maintain skills
To meet the requirements for billingual status, how much must employees deal with the public?
-regular or frequent interaction with the public in a launguage other than English.
-occassional interaction with the public in lauguage other than english.
Eligible employees must recieve authorization from....
their dept. head and successfully complete a competency examination.
What must an employee do to qualify for billingual pay?
-take a competency exam
-retest in 60 days if failed
-take re-cert exams periodically
How does an employee get placed on the Billingual Incentive Plan Program?
the authorizing dep must complete a PA and forward it to HR.
What is the exact pay for being billingual.
-$75 a month for frequent interaction.
-$35 a month for occassional interaction
-no add compensation for add launguages.
How does billingaul pay work for part -time employees and unpaid leave?
-pro-rated for part-time
-none for employees on unpaid leave.
When will billingual pay no longer apply and who is resp. for keeping track of it?
-no olger authorized by dept. head.
-voluntary withdrawel
-employee promoted

What about certainmngmnt. employees who are required to use their car?
-They are elgible to recieve a car allowance.
-resp. for maint. on their car.
General wage increase
each yaer the CITY COUNSIL determines the amount across the board for salary increases. Usually THE BEGGINNING OF THE FISCAL YEAR.
When is an employee eligible for a merit increase?
On or about July 1st of each year.
Merit increaes and the amount are contingent upon what factore?
-City council appropriation
-satisfactory job performance
-employees salary
*if range less than max. If over max or at max, no raise ,may apply
As far as merit raises, how are fire and police sworn personnell paid?
-step plan
-step process
Promotional Increase
-outcome of a competitive process.
higher p[ay range
-at least a 5% increase not to exceed the max. of the pay range.
Voluntary demotion
-lower pay range
-pay recommended by dept head
-approved by hr director
Temp. assighnment pay
-requred to perform temp duties for min. of 30 days may recieve extra pay.
-HR director must approve.
-90 day limit unless hr director extends.
-usually 5% increase of employees regular salary.
When would an employe on temp assighnment pay recieve more than 5% and how much would they recieve?
-senior management official
-department director
-up to 10%
Special assighnment pay
-employee is required to perform duties at a higher level for more than 90 DAYS.
-rest same as temp pay.
regular classified employees who have satisfactoy completed their initial review period may be eligible for a merit increase when?
-their 1 year anniverssary date.
-placed on July 1st schedule for all merit raises.
-july 1st after their ann. date they will be eligible for a pro -rated increase.