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Restricted Stand By
-employee cannot use time effectively for their own purpose
-Paid base rate of pay
-considered work hours
-if called in , paid min. 2 hours
Who approves restricted stand by pay
The human resources director
voluntary call back
-not required to come into work and not disiplined for failing to do so.
-stand by pay does not apply
-min 2 hours pay if called to work.
shift differientisl Pay
-additional compensation for work during second and third shifts.
-outside normal city working hours-Betweem 4pm and 8am
Second Shift Differiential pay shall apply if?
-At least 50% of the total hours worked during shift, including call-back hours occured between 4pm and 12am.
Third Shift Differiential shall apply if?
50% of the hours worked, including callback hours occured between 12am and 8am
Shift Differiantial pay will be paid only for?
time actually worked.
What types of pay are not subject to shift differiantial pay?
-Response incentive
-restricted and unrestricted stand-by pay
-That should be compensated at the regular rate of pay.
CAllback hours will be included as long as
the time is no greater than 8 hours
If shift differiential pay overlaps into both second and third shifts which shift counts?
The rate of pay will be determined by the