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Based on studies approved by the HR director, classifications and pay ranges may be.........
created, revised, combined, or abolished.
If a position is reclassified who has the final decision on the reclassification and is it grievable?
-The human resources director.
-It is not grievable or appealable.
Describe what happens when an employees job is reclassified into a higher pay range.
-Employee recieves the same salary.
-Unless it is lower than the min. for the new range, then they get the new range min.
Describe what happens if an employees job is reclassified into a lower pay range.
-The employees pay will not be reduced.
-If above the Max. their salary will be REDLINED(not eligible for add. salary or benifits until pay range max is once again higher than their salary.
Some positions or groups may be placed into what type of pay plans?
Alternate pay plans.
Not covered by the Classification Plan
Who determines the salareis for the city mngr, city clerk,city attorney,city judge, and assisstant city judge?
The City Council
Who adopts the classification and Pay Plan and what do they set forth?
-The city counsil
-# of positions
-Pay ranges of city positions
What is considered the workweek?
seven consecutive 24 hour periods.
Begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday and ends at 12:00 midnight the following Friday.
What must a department do to establish an alternate workweek?
-approved by employee's supervisor
-communicated to employee
-Copy to HR director
For sworn fire and police, what type of workweek can the city adopt?
up to 28 days.
The city's payperiod
ends at 12:oo midnight Friday of the second workweek.
Paychecks distributed the following friday.
If an employee is granted an exception of a meal period on the city's time who must approve this and what requirements shall be met?
-Department Head
-On call during entire work shift
-Not leave the work premises unless authorized to do so
-Respond to duty calls during lunch period.
Meal periods
-Off the clock
-30 to 60 min. uninnterrupted
-approved by dept. Head
rest breaks
-dept heads approval
-not before work
-not at end of work
-not before or after lunch
-not for leave time for job
-not applied toward alt. work schedule
-Not to take away from customer service
-work demands may not allow a break.
Departments have the option of establishing a work period that most effectively accomplishes their service delivery.This is when the hours are diff. than normal. What is this called?
Flexible work hours
In regards to flexible work hours, how much notice will an employee recieve from thier supervisorof scheduled work?
24 hours
In regards to flexible hours why might an employee recieve time off within the work period?
so no O.T. occurs
Overtime for non-exempt employees?
excess 40 hours = 1 1/2 regular pay
Overtime for fire employees?
excess 156 hours in a 21 day work period.
Overtime for excempt employees?
Not eligible for compemsation
Who determines the exempt/non-exempt employee status and in compliance with what?
-the hr director
-The Fair Labor Standars Act FLSA
If an employee is seperated from city employment, what happens to their compemsatory time?
They are paid at thier regular rate of pay.
How are non-exempt employees compensated for compensatory time?
-they have the right to be paid in cash
-they may earn compensatory time as time off if approved by thier supervisor at the rate of 1 1/2 hours for every ot hour worked.
What happens to an employee's compensatory time if they are reclassified or prompted to an exempt position?
-paid at current rate of pay prior to PA.
-convert to vacation as long as does not exceed the max. vacation.
Maximum number of compensatory hours an employee can accrue?
80 hours(53.3 of actual overtime)
What can the a dept. change in regards to you earning compensatory time?
-they can prevent you from earning compensatory time in place of ot.
-they can also set a lower limit than the city limit for compensatory time.
Unrestricted Stand-By
-not severely restricted-able to perform duties if called
-carry a pager or leave a number
-respond in required response time.
Pay for unrestricted Stand-Bye
-$2 per hour for each hour on standbye.
-if called to work then two hours min. or hours worked-
-travel included.