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What was Aristotle's theory on recreation?
Leisure is the basis of culture. Work supplies basic needs so that we are free to pursue leisure.
Aristotle would think we have it backwards.
What is the blue law?
That means it's illegal to work on Sunday.
It's illegal to what...?
What is the Wisconsin idea?
Universities should be for everyone, not just the elite. And they should teach things in college that relate to life.
2 ideas.
What is time deepening?
Get more done in limited time but with costs.
Examples: fast food, multi-tasking.
What is the voluntary simplicity movement?
"I don't care what society says, I'm not going to work so hard."
What are the 3 steps of leisure education?
1. Identify interests.
2. Learn skills necessary to participate.
3. Learn the avenues for active & full participation. (what are the opportunities)
What do you gotta do to succeed in your leisure life?
Leisure as a state of mind...
Doesn't matter what you do as long as you...
1. Feel a sense of freedom.
2. Are intrinsically motivated.
2 things.
Quality of life may be associated with what?
Having frequent moments of flow.
something to do with a model we talked about...
Our ties to nature are through what 3 things?
1. Childhood with a lot of play in nature.
2. Slipped away with sports, dating, and jobs.
3. Plan on getting back to nature soon.
What is a contractor?
A person who lets their recreational options die away as they get older.
What is an expander?
A person who adds to their recreational options as they get older.
List some activities of the adventurer.
-mountain biking
-rock climbing
-downhill skiing
List some activities of the wanderer.
-nature photography
-backwater paddling
-cross country skiing
List some qualities of the Adventurer's experience.
-test technical skills
-realize personal character
-experience sense of control
-experience flow
List some qualities of the Wanderer's experince.
-slow down
-learn about nature
-feel one with nature
-experience solitude