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The hand
Hold your hand out palm, facing witness to stop them. can e een as agressive by jury
Get Court reporter to read question back
Advantage is it might get judge to help too
Ask, Repeat, repeat
Repeat slower and with same tone and words
Ask, repeat, REVERSE
Ask the question
Repeat the question
Reverse the question
Objection Nonresponsive
SC authority for this?
Q: The car was blue?
A: blah, blah,
Q: The car was red.
A: Blah blah
Q: Te car was magenta (And so on)
Spontaneous loop
Take part of the nonresponsive answer and hurt him.
Story times three
Let him tell the story three times.
Now can we proceed?
If the truthful answer is yes will you say yes?
After this go back to repeating question.
Use the blackboard
Write out the question
Use a poster
Write out the queswtion