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What do you do when seeking new job?
Boasting all wonderful things accomplished.
How to be successful winning over interviewer?
Maximize accomplishments/attributes w/out antagonizing
What will work against you when job hunting and moving up corp. ladder?
Humility tell employer how good you are
More than half interviewers fail because?
Did not sell accomplishments.Speak up about qualifications and why you are best for job.
What helped get interview?
step "outside yourself" before interview why?
view yourself as someone else may view you.
to do the best job selling yourself in an interview
Be prepared in advance write check list of major job accomplishments
2 things you accomplish by writing check list
1.impress interviewer by talking confidently/ succinctly comfortably.
2.discuss facts you saved employer money.
Interview is to sell yourself not coworkers but don't do what
never criticize negative thoughts is immediate turn-off
What is most important of interview?
making employer like you. they hire who reflect own values and standards.
What not to do when listing your accomplishments?
Don't tell employer how to run business.
Once hired you must
keep boasting accomplishments
frequent complaint against former employer
Lack of recognition
Why should you volunteer for assignments both job and non job related.
enables time for access to top executives to tell them your doings for the company
Worklife is constant sales job why?
Continually promote and sell yourself in everyway possible