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A follower of Jesus who spread the teachings of Christianity beyond his home land of Israel.
A follower of Jesus who spread the teachings of Christianity beyond his home land of Israel.
A Roman Historian who lived in the 100's A.D.
Who was a Jew who was also a Roman citizen. He felt that it was His duty to persecute Christians until he was converted to Christianity himself. He spent the remainder of his life spreading the teachings of Christ to many cities of the Roman world. he was executed in Rome.
A Roman emperor (60's A.D.) at the time of the great fire that destroyed much of the city. He blamed the Christians for the fire and many were killed.
Followers of Christ distrusted by the Romans because they kept to themselves, and did not worship Roman gods or participate in Roman festivals. they went through several periods of persecution at the hands of the Romans.
A Roman Emperor who reigned in the early 100's A.D. who believed that Rome's problems would be solved if everyone was required to worship the Roman gods. Christians who refused were executed
Roman emperor who ordered another period of persecution of the Christians (257-258A.D.)
Ordered most violent persecution of the Christians (early 300's A.D.) during which churches were destroyed Christians lost their jobs, and many were executed
After his army was victorious carrying Christian symbols into battle, he became a supporter of the Christian church
What did Saul believe his mission in life to be?
His mission was to persecute Christians.
What happened to change Saul's life completely?
On his way to Damascus, he was struck down and blinded by a very bright light. Christ spoke to him and asked him why he was persecuting Him. HE was taken to the house of a Christian and after a few days at the touch of a follower of Saul could see again. He became a believer in Christ and changed his name to Paul.
What was the Roman attitude toward other religions?
The Romans were tolerant of other religions as long as they were respectful of the Roman gods.
What caused friction between the Romans and the Christians?
The Christians kept to themselves and were very secretive to the Romans. They also refused to have anything to do with the Roman gods
By100 A.D. how did Roman law address Christianity.
Anybody who admitted they were a Christian would be killed.
How was this law enforced?
The Romans allowed their officials to enforce this law as they interpreted it it was not widely enforced.
Christianity had its roots in the Jewish faith. What did Christians do that further separated themselves from the Jews and angered them?
When the christians found it difficult to get their own fellow jews to convert to christanity, they took their message to the jentiles, none jews. as these none jews became christians, jesish did not force them to obey jewish laws.