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What three files need to be edited in the Sun host to see storage and what is in them?
What is persistent binding?
Fixed target number for every controller and storage port
Why don’t we use persistent binding on HP-UX?
HPUX use the “volume set addressing” (use vbus)
Writes signature on disk and reads it again every time when restarting
How do we force (AIX / HP-UX / Solaris / Win) to scan for new disks?
AIX: emc_cfgmgr /cfgmgr
HP-UX: ioscan –fnC disk & insf -e
WIN: Diskmanager > rescan bus/devices / restart
SUN: devfsadm / reboot -- -r / update_drv –f sd
Device Naming:
SUN: c#t#d#s#
HP: c#t#d#
AIX : rhdisk#
What are the steps to install and configure Solution Enabler?
Download from PowerLink
Install using emc_install.csh
Populate the symapi_licenses.dat file using symlmf
Build the local symapi_db.bin database with symcfg discover
What EMC commands can display the symm devices a host can see?
Sympd list
What Solutions Enabler commands can display all the symm devices?
Symdev list
What Solutions Enabler commands can provide a detailed listing of a host’s HBAs?
Symmask list hba –v
What Solutions Enabler commands can provide a listing of a symms FAs?
Symcfg –FA <16C> all list
What Solutions Enabler commands can provide a listing volumes mapped to a FA?
Symdev list –sa <1C> -p <0>
What Solutions Enabler command allows modification of the bin file?
Symconfigure –sid <sid> -f <filename> commit
How do we find the HBA’s wwn on (AIX / HP-UX / Solaris / Win)
AIX: lscfg –v –l fcs# (fcs – FC Adapter) / SMIT
HP-UX: fcmsutil /dev/td# (td – Tachyon Adapter) / SAM
WIN: emulexcfg –emc or hbanywhere
Solaris: /usr/sbin/lpfc/lputil
more /var/adm/messages | grep –i wwn |more dmesg
What are the LVM commands in (Solaris/ AIX / HP-UX / Linux / Veritas) to select disks?
AIX: lsdev; smit
HP-UX: ioscan –fnC disk
Linux: lvmdiskscan
Veritas:vxdisk list