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.) The social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need through creating and exchanging products and value with others is called:
marketing mix elements do not include
marketing information systems
not a purpose of marketing in a customer-centered firm
maximize company revenue
instead of simply being defined as "freedom from defects," QUALITY should be defined as
in terms if customer satisfication
relationship marketing is a process where marketers work at building relationships with
when backed by buying power, wants become
building strong economic and social ties with customers delivering high-quality products and services is the foundation of
relationship marketing
when hotel management establishes non-smoking floors, bar managers no longer allow happy hour with free drink specials, and resort managers eliminate pollution from their properties, the ____ concept is being employed
social marketing
a _______ is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need
a _____ is a state of felt deprivation
t or f
the hospitality industry is the second largest employer in the united states
the fact services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, or smelled relates ti which service characteristic?
the fact that a business traveler will have a positive check-in experience during one stay at a hotel and then a negative experience the next time is an issue to which service characteristic?
if you manage a 200 room hotel and only sell 150 rooms tonight, you cant stockpile the extra 50 rooms to sell tomorrow. this a problem with the_____ of services
because services are characterized by the issue of inseparability, service providers will often have to
train the customers
not a link in the service-product chain
increasingly intangible services
perhaps the best measure of service quality is
customer retention
true or false
one goal of CRM is to make switching costs high
a casino employees uniform or a restaurants fancy front lobby are means of
tangibilizing the service
studies have shown the best way to deal with service failure is
give the unhappy customer timely information regarding failure
Most large companies consist or four organizational levels: corporate, division, business unit and:
A well worked out ______ provides company employees with a shared sense of purpose, direction, and opportunity.
mission statement
The number of channel levels from raw material to final product and the distribution in which the company will engage is a example of ______ scope.
The principle objective of a market-oriented mission statement is to:
satisfy basic customer needs
Studies have shown that a well crafted mission statement aids a firm's performance as the mission statement serves a statement of:
The example of the Las Vegas Hilton's change in strategic focus underscored how companies are increasingly refocusing their attention on the need to manage ______ instead of departments
According to the Ansoff product-market expansion grid, management should first consider whether:
it should gain more market share with its current products in their current markets
When hotel chains enter such markets as the retirement home industry they are practicing which type of strategy?
If a hotel chain buys one of its suppliers it is engaging in what type of growth?
backward integration
The ideal target market for a firm is the one in which it can profitably generate the greatest customer _______ and ______ it over time.
value; sustain and grow
If you were born between 1977 and 1994 you are a member of:
generation y
not a type of macro-environmental impact?
The ______consists of the forces close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers.
When analyzing the competition, a question is put to customers might be "Name the company from whom you would prefer to buy the product." In this case you are looking for:
share of heart
At the core or first level of competition, Hyatt Hotels would consider as their competition
marriott, intercontinental and westin
DINKs, DEWKs, MOBYs and WOOFs are all a part of:
the baby boom
Which of the following is NOT a general trend in the United States?
college graduation rates staying roughly the same
The most dramatic force shaping our destiny is:
The ______environment includes institutions that affect society's basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviors.
The first stage of the environmental scanning process is:
determining the areas needed to be monitored
The single most important element in any hospitality information system is a process for :
capturing guest history information
statement about guest comment cards is FALSE?
if they are left in hotel rooms for customers to fill out, they reflect the opinions of the customers as a whole
The type of research used to gather preliminary information to help generate research hypothesis is called:
exploratory research
Secondary data is:
can be found more quickly and cheaper than primary data
If you are in a hurry to collect survey data, the worst method to use is:
mail surveying
NOT a sampling decision that must be made?
who will do the sampling
this test is an example of
a close-ended survey
____ is the most widely used method of primary data collection
survey research
"Customers" who are in reality undercover employees of hotel management are called:
mystery shoppers
The factor that exerts the broadest and deepest influence on behavior is:
The stages through which families pass as they grow older are called:
family life cycles
The technique used to measure lifestyles is called:
The most important consumer buying unit in the U.S. (one that has been researched extensively) is the:
The first stage of the buyer decision process is:
need recognition
_______ are those groups we would like to belong to but do not
According to Maslow, the most important need to be satisfied is:
When we screen out info coming at us, we are engaged in the act of:
selective retention
A belief describes a person's relatively consistent evaluations, feelings and tendencies toward an object
SRI's VALS framework is
framework is one of many different psychographic segmentation systems available today
Those individuals that have the power to prevent sellers from reaching the buying center are called:
Those that have the formal authority to select suppliers and arrange the terms of the purchase are called:
Which of the following is NOT an influence on organizational buying?
technological factors
The first step in the buygrid framework is that of:
problem recognition
When meeting planners review proposals for a convention site and start to evaluate such feature as sleeping rooms and meeting rooms they are engaged in what stage of the buygrid framework?
supplier selection
_______are rewards participants receive for achieving a goal.
incentive meetings
Which of the following is NOT a part of SMERF market?
When ______ the seller identifies market segments, selects one or more, and develops products and services tailored to each selected segment
differentiation marketing
The three stages or target marketing are market segmentation, market targeting, and:
marketing positioning
Dividing buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a product is called:
behavioristic segmentaion
Which of the following is a psychographic segmentation variable?
social class
Which of the following is NOT a requirement for effective segmentation?
In using an __________ marketing strategy, a company ignores the market segmentation and goes after the entire market with one market offer.
Evaluating each market segment's attractiveness and selecting one more of the market segments to enter is called:
mass marketing
The increasing fragmentation of the mass market into hundreds of smaller markets is called:
A product's _______ is the way the product is defined by consumers on important attributes.
The ______ product level answers the question of what is really being bought.
The additional consumer services and benefits built around the actual product are called the:
supportive product
In the joining phase of the customer delivery system:
the consumer make the initial inquiry contact
The stage of the new product development process where the number of new product ideas is reduced is called:
idea screening
About _______ percent of all new product ideas come from consumers.
About _______ percent of new product ideas come from within the company.
In the _______phase of the new product development process prototypes appear for the first time.
product development
The final stage in the new product development process is:
In the _______ of the product life cycle sales slow down and supplies start to exceed demand.
Which of the following would NOT be considered a "moment of truth?"
guest pays bill by mail
Staff that are happy and supported by management will remain with their employers _______ time longer than employees who feel less secure.
three to four
The first stage in the internal marketing process should be:
establishment of a service culture
In a service-oriented organizational culture _______ are at the top of the organization.
If a server in a restaurant convinces a patron to buy a t-shirt at the front counter s/he is:
cross selling
For which goods would the demand slope curve upward?
prestigue goods
Which of the following is an example of an elastic demand situation?
demand rises by four percent if price falls six percent
The factor that sets the floor for a products price is:
In the short run, the most important pricing strategy is:
sales maximum
NOT a factor affecting price sensitivity?
customer satisfaction effect
When families go to the same resort year after year, and get to know and like both the resort employees and friends in the nearby town, they may be less sensitive to price increases at the resort due to the:
sunk investment effect
The basic break-even price is
fixed costs divided by selling price
Charging $.99 instead of $1.00, or using 3s in the price instead of 7s is an attempt to engage in:
psychological pricing
One function of the channel is ________, which involves gathering and distributing marketing research and intelligence.
NOT a function of the channel?
All of the following are considered marketing intermediaries EXCEPT:
a direct marketing channel
Supranational, Logis de France and Leading Hotels of the World are examples of:
Companies that sell their own products door-to-door use:
direct marketing channel
Today _______ out of ten travel sales are booked online.
______provide incentive travel for employees and distributors.
motivational houses
Coordination and conflict management are attained through common ownership at different levels in the channel in a
corporate vertical marketing system
The first step in selecting a location for a hotel is:
understanding the target market of the company
The chances of succeeding are the highest if you:
buy a franchise
The first stage of the promotion process is:
identifying the target audience
In the buyer readiness process, the state that precedes purchase is:
The type of message appeal that relates to an audience's self interest is:
The most logical method of setting the promotion budget is:
objective and task method
The promotional tool that rewards customers for a quick, short term response are:
sales promotions
When hospitality firms market to consumer markets, the least used element of the promotion mix is:
personal selling
_________advertising is used when introducing a new product.
______is a measure of the percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to an ad campaign over a given period of time.
The best measure in evaluating the success of PR is to:
determine the effect on sales profit
PR campaigns can contribute to all but which of the following objectives?
replace the most other promotion costs
Cause-related marketing is directly used to create
________ crisis give warning before they occur.
Frequent guest points that hotel guests build up for repeat stays are an example of:
patronage rewards
objectives of the sales promotion process EXCEPT:
reducing bad publicity
The largest of the web domains in terms of money is:
Interchanges of ideas in forums and internet news groups are functions of which domain?
Which of the following is a reason direct marketing has grown?
precision targeting
When dealing with issues of internet privacy, the group we have to be the most concerned with are:
the children
tourist classifications EXCEPT:
psychological travelers
The fact that tourism dollars are recycled throughout the local economy, being spent and re-spent, is referred to as:
the multiplier effect
considered a macrodestination?
the united states
following destinations would allocentrics most likely visit?
mexican rain forest
The travel segment where people have the least influence over their travel experience once it begins is the:
group mass tourist
6.) The two major strategies used by tourist destinations to attract visitors are:
events and attractions
NOT an environmental factor in hospitality organizations?
Generally, the first section of a formal, written marketing plan would be the:
executive summary
Which is an example of a good objective?
have an occupancy of 79 percent next year
Growing key accounts is an example of a:
sales strategy
Useful marketing trend info includes related industry trends, competitive trends, and:
visitor trends
The heart of any marketing plan is careful analysis of _______ and the selection of appropriate target markets.
available market segments