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Name the 5 elements of climate
1) temperature
2) precititation
3) humidity
4) light
5) wind
What is a microclimate?
an area that has differenct climate than the surrounding area
What is a dicot?
mostly trees and fruits
Explain what a monocot is
Nonwoody plants
Often have long leaves
-grass, lily, Iris, onion
What is an angiosperm?
cultivated plants
-rosses, cabbage
Flowering and food plants
Name the 2 groups that come from seed bearing plants
Angiosperms and gymnosperms
What is a gymnosperm?
cone-bearing plants
-pines, spruces
What are the basic parts of plants?
Leaves, stems, buds, and roots
What are the 2 main parts of a leaf?
the leaf stem/petiole and the wide part called the blade
The angle that is formed between the petiole and it's supporting stem is called...
the leaf axil
What is the leaf margin?
the outside edge of the leaf
What do monocot leaves look like?
they have parralel vains runing the length of the leaf
What do dicot leaf veins look like?
they have one main vein and then they branch out
Define what a leaf apex is
the tip of the leaf
What are stipules?
Small leaflike forms that are normally found at the base of a petiole
What is the section of a plant called where the stem and leaf is connected?
a node
What is the internode?
the space between leaves
What does the internal stem structure of a dicot look like?
it is arranged in a rings inside each other
What does the internal stem structure of a monocot look like?
it is arranged in bundles
What are the "pathways" in the plant circulatory system?
xylem and phloems
Where is the phloem found?
ouside the xylem
What does the cambium do?
manufactures new exylem and phloem cells
Name the three types of buds
vegtative, flower and mixed
Explain what a taproot is
the primary root that first branches
In flower structure what are the 3 main parts of the pistil?
What is considered the "female" part of a flower?
the pistil
What is considered the "male" parts a flower?
the stamens
What is the stamen composed of?
anather - which produces pollen
How do plants create carbohydrates?
through photosynthesis
What are the three main ingredience to photosynthesis?
light, water, and carbon dioxide
What is considered the opposite of photosynthesis?
What is needed for respiration?
oxygen and carbohydrates
What does respiration produce?
energy, water, and carbon dioxide
What does respiration produce?
energy, water, and carbon dioxide
What does respiration produce?
energy, water, and carbon dioxide