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What are the seven types of emergencies discussed in class?
1) wounds/lacerations
2) colic
3) acute, severe lameness
4) "sick" horse
5) choke
6) periparturient (foaling) problems
7) miscellaneous
What is contamination?
Invasion of the body by pathogenic bacteria such as dirt, hair, maure, bedding.
*ALL wounds contaminated
What is infection?
Invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms AND the reaction of the tissues to their presence and to the toxins generated by them.
What should you do for a wound to help prevent infection?
-move to a clean, dry environment
-gently wash
-apply non-stick dressing/bandage
Which wounds should you not clean? (6)
-profuse bleeding (apply pressure immediately)
-around eyes
-exposed bone
-into joints
-into abdominal cavity
-into thoracic (chest) cavity
What are the three categories of wound healing?
-first intention
-second intention
-third intention
What is first intention healing?
Healing in which the parts unite directily w/o granulation tissure. EX: sutured wounds
What is second intention healing?
Wound allowed to heal a few days and then sutured.
What is third intention healing?
Union of a wound by filling area with granulation tissue.
What is debridement?
Removal of all foreign matter and devitalized (dead, damaged) tissue in or around the lesion.
What is proud flesh?
exuberant granulation: Granulation tissue forms above skin level preventing skin from healing over wound.
How can proud flesh be treated?
-pressure (lower to skin level)
-caudtics (burning off)
-surgical excision
What is granulation tissue?
Tissue that brings wound end together by filling the gap until level with skin. (Epidermal cells then migrate across wound sealing it)
What are 4 signs of a fracture?
1) acute, severe lameness
2) swelling
3) pain
4) crepitance (grinding sound)
What can be done to help fix a fracture?
-bandage above and below fracure
-internal fixation (such as pins)
-external fixation
What is choke?
Esophageal obstruction
What are some acute respiratory distress'?
-anaphylactic (allergic rxn)
What is a common cause of anaphylactic shock?
-generalized wheals
-post vaccination (Bear and Pips!)
-post medication injection (especially penicillin)
We didn't cover the rest of the packet (nor choke or respiratory distress).
See packet if interested, but notes are horrible.