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adv: sparing, frugal, thrifty, economical, niggardly, stingy, penurious, parsimonious
iunctus, -a, -um
From iungo: joined
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactum
to lay; to throw, hurl
crēber , -bra, -brum
thick, close, pressed together, frequent, numerous, repeated
protervus, -a, -um
pressing forward, violent, vehement
adimo, -are, -emi, -emptum
to take away, take from, deprive of
ianua, -ae (f)
limen, -inis (n)
a cross-piece, threshold, head-piece, lintel, sill
cardo, -inis (m)
hinge, pivot
pereo, -ere, -ii, iturus
to pass away, come to nothing, vanish, disappear, be lost
invicem, indecl. form
by turns, in turn, one after another, alternately
moechus, -i (m)
adulterer, fornicator
anus, anus
old maid, old woman, matron
fleo, -ere, -evi, fletus
to wepp, wail, lament
levis, -e
smooth, light
angiportus, -us (m)
lane, alley, narrow street
interlunis, -e
at the new moon, interlunar
questus, -us )m)
complaint, complaining
soleo, -ere, - , -itus
to use, be wont, be accustomed
furio, -are
to drive mad
saevio, -ire, -ii, itus
to rage, rant, be furious
ulcerosus, -a, -um
full of ulcers, sores
hedera, -ae (f)
vireo, -ere
to be green
pullus, -a, -um
dark-colored, blackish-gray, dusky, blackish
aridus, -a, -um
arid, dry, parched
dedico, -are
to dedicate, consecrate, set apart
sodalis, -e
friendly, companionable, sociable