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Walter Scott
romantic novelist (historical novels like Ivanhoe)
Victor Hugo
romantic writer (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
discovered x-rays
found atoms have small heavy core
center of atom, orbited by protons and electrons
quantum theory - energy only released in small packages
Theory of Relativity
believed living beings change to fit surroundings
theory of evolution
showed with plants that things inherit dominant traits and recessive traits
(tall and short plants)
dominant traits
traits that show up in offspring
recessive traits
traits that don't show up but offspring carry them
super-heating liquids to kill off bacteria
intellectual movement in 1700s which focused on reason, progress and the future
1800's literary movement which rejected Enlightenment; appealed to emotion, innovation, nature, the past
1800's literary movement rejected romanticism; focused on the realistic, present, ordinary
off-shoot of Realism; writer's focused on ugly things, not revealing any emotion
All Marie/Pierre Curie's discoveries
radioactive elements
Why was Darwin's theory was weak?
It condradicted the Bible; fossil records disprove the timeline
Mendel's discoveries & how made them?
dominant and recessive traits; worked with plants
Pasteur's discoveries
germs cause disease; innoculation allows person to build up antibodies to fight
Jenner's discoveries
rediscovered innoculation
3 life-saving medicines
aspirin, insulin, penicillin
Romantic composers and what they wrote for
Beethoven - wrote from painful childhood
Describe 2 impressionist artists
Monet - painted river scene
Renoir - painted 2 girls at piano
Describe the nonconformist sculptor
sculpted "The Thinker"
Describe 2 post-impressionist
Cezanne - wanted to treat nature in terms of shapes
Van Gogh - mentally disturbed
Impressionists tried to do what? How?
tried to create scenes you would see at a brief glance.
Small patches of different colors
Describe how romanticism was different from (reaction against) the enlightenment, AND how realism was different from (reaction against romanticism
Romanticism was a literary movement that rejected the enlightenment and appealed to emotion, sentiment, imagination, past & nature where enlightenment focused on reason, progress and future. Realism was against romanticism because realism focused on ideas of the realistic, ordinary/everyday, present, where romanticism was based on emotion and sentiment, imagination,past and nature.