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He desplayed his _______ by donating his salary to charity.
Benevolence (N)
His _____ behavior was a model for all to follow.
Exemplary (ADJ)
Because he was a _______ dealer, i had confidence in his products.
Reputable (adj)
respectable (good respute=good reputation)
The aristocracy is expected to behave with _____.
Gentility (N)

Refinementg, politeness, respectablity; or a member of the upper class
A genteel person would always exhibit proper _______.
Decorium (N)
Proper or good taste in action, speech, or dress.
Cutting a diamond requires _______ effort.
Punctilious (ADJ)
Very careful, meticulous, exact
If you ask for a ________ response, be prepared for the result
Candid (ADJ)
Honest, frank, outspoken
Because of his _______, he was considered a very trustworthy person.
Veracity (N)
habitual honesty, truthfulness; or accuracy or precision
It is not at all _______ to graduate from BHS without ever attending classes.
Freasible (ADJ)
practical, possible, or capable of being done.
Family support can provide _______ during difficult times.
Solace (N or V)
give comfort to, console, lessen grief
Winning the lottery would cause you great _______
Elation (N)
extreme happiness or joy
His _______ eventually turned into an obsession.
Avidity (N)
eagerness, great enthusiasm, or greed
The _______ of the workers deteriorated when their salaries were cut.
Morale (N)
Mental condition or state of mind.
When walking in a dark alley, you should be very _______.
Wary (ADJ)
Cautious, on guard against danger
(wary of can mean suspicious of)
Because he knew he would never get caught, he cheated with _______.
Impunity (N)
(almost always preceded by with)