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accept, except
I would accept your excuse, except the part about losing the watch.
principal, principles
The high school principal said today that the principal problem with today's youth is their lack of moral principles
you're, your
You're doing your own homework, I hope.
chose, choose
I chose the red balloon. Now you choose a balloon of another color.
lies, lay, has lain, is lying
She lies down, lay down, has lain down, is lying down
capitol, capital
We went over to the capitol to see the legislators. The capital of Connecticut is Hartford. The state is running out of capital.
adolescence, adolescents
The trouble with many adolescents is that they never seem to grow out of adolescence.
farther, further
I can run farther than you, but let's discuss that further after the race.
all ready, already
Are you all ready already, or do we have to wait for you?
conscious, conscience
She didn't seem conscious of the fact that her husband has no conscience.
lays, laid, laying
She lays it down, laid it down, has laid it down, is laying it down. (The verb to lay takes an object; to lie doesn't.)
purposefully, purposely
The troops moved purposefully toward their doom, relying on the false information their leaders had purposely given them.
access, excess
The number of students who wanted access to the computer labs was in excess of two hundred
He threw a baseball right through the neighbor's front window. The neighbor made a thorough report to the police.
than, then
I'm taller than my father. Let's eat first; then we'll go to the movies.
a lot, allot
We need a lot (two words!) of money. She will allot funds according to need.
a while, awhile
I'll be back in a while. Can you wait awhile? (Awhile [one word] is an adverb that can modify a verb.)
effect, affect
What effect does this have on you? How does it affect you?
explicit, implicit
The document now makes explicit what had been only implicit in the shifty eyes of the negotiator.
loath, loathe
I am loath to associate with people who loathe me.
They're driving their new car over there this afternoon.
incidence, incidents
The incidence of incidents involving racist slurs has become intolerable.
its, it's, it is
What is its color? It's green. It's been a long, long time.
These come first, out of alphabetical order, because they're the champs, surely the most often confused words in English! Remember, it's means it is or it has! Use its to show possession
aide, aid ,AIDS
The teacher's aide more than once came to the aid of her supervisor. [AIDS, the acronym for Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome, is spelled in all caps.]
complimented, complemented
She complimented her sister on the way her scarf complemented her blouse.
stationery, stationary
The stationery department, where they sell envelopes and writing paper, is in a stationary place.
especially, specially
He especially likes coffee ice-cream. Every week, his wife buys some specially for him.