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statuory rape
the act of unlawful sexual intercource with someone under age
ill will; deliberate intent to harm someone
forcible rape
rape by force
voluntary manslaughter
the killing of a person without malice or premidiation
date rape
sexual assult by someone known to the victim
involutary manslaughter
unintentional but done during the unlawful act of a lesser nature.
the act of folling or harassing another person
the killing of another person by another
a international threat
felony murder
the killing of someone during the commission of certain other dangerous felonies regardless of intent to kill.
any intentional,unlawful phyfical contact inflicted on one person by another without consent
1st degree murder
the unlawful killing of a person with malice aforethought
negligent homicide
causing death through negligent behavior.
2nd degree murder
the result of a desire to inflict bodily harm.
the failer to exercise a reasonable amount of care in either doing or not doing something resulting in harm or injury
non crimanal homicide
the killing of another person not intentional but with malice
the deliberate taking of ones own life