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Cloth products
Having the ability to speak two languages
second-growth forests
The trees that cover an area after the original forest has been cut
A giant urban area that includes a string of cities that have grown together
For farmers, producing a variety of crops instead of just one
Corn Belt
The area of the Midwestern United States from Ohio to Iowa where raising corn is a major economic activity
Dairy Belt
The area of the Midwestern United States north of the Corn Belt in which dairy farming is a major economic activity
Wheat Belt
The area of the U. S. Great Plains region in which wheat farming is a major economic activity
center-pivot irrigation
A method of irrigation that uses long sprinkler systems mounted on huge wheels that rotate slowly, irrigating the area within a circle
strip mining
A process of mining by stripping away soil and rock
trade deficit
Value of a country’s exports is lower than the value of its imports
A forest of evergreen trees growing south of the tundra in Russia
A wide, flat grasslands region that stretches from Ukraine across southern Russia to Kazakhstan
Emperor of the Russian Empire
Gave up the throne
Friendly countries that support one another against enemies
Powerful countries
Cold War
The rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted from the 1940s to the early 1990s
consumer goods
Products used at home and in everyday life
light industry
Industry that focuses on the production of lightweight goods, such as clothing
heavy industry
Industry that usually involves manufacturing based on metals
Factories that process metal ores
habitation fog
A fog caused by fumes and smoke trapped over Siberian cities by very cold weather
Ships that can break up the ice of frozen waterways, allowing other ships to pass through them