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Mass Emigrant Aid Society
founded to recruit free-soil settles for kansas
David Atchison
missori senator who pledged to extend the institutions of missouri over territor at by whatever sacrifice in blood and treasure
Beecher's bibles
Yale minister hands out 24 bibles and 25 rifles to young men to fight in kansas
John Brown
crazy guy from north who went south with sons to spark slave revolution; FIRST he stopped in kansas to hack to death five men
Preston Brooks
beat abolishionist Sumner with his cane, avenging the offensie sumner did to brook's uncle, Butler, and friend, Atchinson
Bleeding Kansas
minor civil war; the sack of Lawrence, massacre at Pottawatomie Creek, canning of Sumner
crops burned, homes destroyed, public fights, night raiders
Northern values(after/around Bleeding Kansas)
-economic growth
-morality (calvinist protestanism
-republican gov. guarntees rights
-strong union
Southern Values (after/around Bleeding Kansas)
-social values: English gentry; courteous, chivalrous, honorable
-millitaristic (as a result of fear of slave revolt)
-planters genteel code
-beleived in local political units
-preferred loose confederacy
Dred Scott
Dred and Harriet Scott argued that their master had taken them north, into Minnesota etc., where miss comp outlawed slavery
7-2 desicion (southern majority) said
1. slaves dont have same rights
2.miss comp unconstitutional- congress has no power to ban slavery in territory
3. takin them in and out did not affect status

implications: infuriated northerners- hinted that slavery might be legal in north
Lecompton Constition
(1857) constitution written up for kansass by slave-holders, clearly corrupt

pres Buchanan supports (dem), wanting southern support

douglas does not support it

is sent back for referendum

is rejected- kansas does not become state
Illinois debates
Lincoln (rep) v. Douglas (dem)

Douglas thought of as northern dem hero- undermined republicans

Lincoln- challened Seward for republican control

debates a preview to presidential elections

lincoln undermines douglas morally- remains contemporary and racist
defineted dems as supporting slavery- made douglas look wishywashy
John Brown
1859- crazy guy goes down to virginia with 22 men to start insurrection of slaves
seen as a marty, "angel of light"
implication: pissed of southerners- inspired northerners
dems in 1860
dems in eleciton of 1860:
-spent 10 days in SC- couldnt pick candidate
-chose two candidates:
douglas for norther dems
Breckinridge for southern dems
constitutional union party
election of 1860
border state people former southern whigs/nativits, elected Bell (slave holder from tennesse) as compromise
republican platform of 1860
moderate platform, won
December 20, 1860
South Carolina secedes

by Feb 1st- so had mississippi, florida, alabama, georgia, louisiana, and texas
three options of north
1. make concessions
2. let them go
3. bring em back
the border states desicion
northerners hope southern unionism will win over border states
buchanan did nothing
fort sumter
lincoln sends relief to fed fort in SC
general of confederate army at sumpter