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What is Homeostasis?
Stable, internal environment
Medical Intervention is for:
1. Crisis
2. Proper healing/ functioning
3. Faster/ quicker healing
WHAT is Anatomy?
WHAT is Physiology?
Anatomy is the study of STRUCTURE,shape of the body, body parts and their relationship to one another.

PHYSIOLOGY is the study of how living organisms perform vital life processes.
Think about body structures and functions of the bosy.
What is Homeostatic Regulation? What are the Feedback Mechanisms?
Adjustments of physiological systems to mantain homeostasis. (Processes)

The Feedback mechanisms are the receptor, control center and effector.
What does the receptor, control center and effector do?
RECEPTOR- is the sensor that is sensitive to specific environmental change stimuli

CONTROL CENTER- Is the one that:
*Receives information from the receptors.
*Processes and integrates info.
*Commands effector to make necessary change if necessary.

EFFECTOR- Responds to commands of Control Center

-The activity of effector opposes(negative) or enhaces(positive) stimuli