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what is the difference between primary and secondary blood homeostasis?
primary is platelet plug formation and secondary is clotting cascade
What are the roles of von willebrand factor?
necessary for platelet adhesion in high shear stress areas AND stabilizes (keeps inactive) factor VIII
What are citrate and oxalate and how do they work?
Ca binders prevent coagulation (which needs Ca)
Normal PT time?
11-14 seconds
Normal APTT time?
25-38 seconds
What does factor XIII do?
Stabilized fibrin clots
Which clotting factors are Vit K dependent?
II, VII, IX, X (proteins C and S)
What does a prolonged thrombin time mean?
either a fibrinogen deficiency or presence of thrombin inhibitors (like heparin)
Why don't you start bleeding patients on coumadin?
b/c it takes 3-5 days to deplete stores of fxnl clotting factors
What do proteins C and S do?
Inhibit factors V and VIII
what does plasminogen do?
Chews up fibrin clots
Lab values in DIC?
prolonged PT and PTT, elevated D-Dimer, schistocytes…thrombocytopenia, fibrinogenemia, low factor 5