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s/s – worse w/ warm, movement & touch, better w/ cold & pressure
 worse w/ warm weather
 rheumatic conditions
 Pain: stitching, stabbing, intense
 Desire to be left alone
 Homesick
 Irritable – sensitivities & reacting irritability
 Dries mucous, constipation, excessive thirst
 Painful cough
 (migranes – when break out)
Bryonia alba (bry.)
Common Name: White Bryony
 s/s – worse w/ rest, 1st motion, cold, better w/ warm, continuous movement
 Organ & Tissue affinity (skin, joints, muscle)
 Restlessness
 Irritable, snappy (this will increase pain)
 Despair, hopelessness (almost suicide)
 Thirsty, cold drinks (cold milk)
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)
Common Name: Poison Ivy
 Delirium – acute. Want to bite people, hallucinations, bang head against things, violent
 Organ affinity – head, neck, eyes
 Engages SNS – dilated pupils, flush face
 Intense sx – come on rapid & suddenly and exit the same
 Pain: throbbing anywhere (usu carotids throbbing)
 Dry: little perspiration, dry mouth, not thirsty
 Hot: feel radiating heat from pt, fever, typically in head
 Convulsions: febrile convulsions, w/ hi fever
 May laugh or sing all of a sudden
 Worse after 3pm, sun (light) & heat of sun, cold (wind, weather), slightest movement, laying down, noise. Better from pressure or wrapping up specific area, sitting erect
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
 Delirium
 Lewd behavior: expose themselves, sexual, singing
 Highly suspicious – fear of being poisoned, bitten, being alone
 Intense jealously
 Urinary retention or urinary / stool incontinent
 Dry spasmodic cough – better sitting up, worse laying down
 Disappointed love
Hyoscyamus niger (hyos.) Common Name: Henbane
 Delirium – hi fever, hallucinatory, anger, singing, excessively talkative (loquacity), prey for their salvation
 Desire to escape – get out, get away
 Dilated pupils
 Photophobia – bright glares aggravating
 Desires light b/c fears dark & being alone – could have delusion they are left alone in wilderness
 Speech: stammering, studdering
 Painlessness of complaints – should hurt but doesn’t
 Fear of water
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
 Lacrimation – is bland
 Nasal discharge: excoriating (makes nose, upper lip sore & red)
 Cough: very painful
 Better in cold room, open fresh air. Worse in warm room, evening.
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
 Eye affinity
 Conjunctivitis
 Lacrimation: excoriating
 Nasal Discharge: bland
 Cough w/ expectoration: Worse all day, Better lying on back, at night
Euphrasia (euphr.) Common Name: Eyebright
 Affinity for rheumatic complaints, resp, GI, skin eruptions
 Rash: urticaria like rash – better from cold
 Worse from cold, damp weather
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet
most commonly used for acute illness
febrile dz-known as fever remedy-continuous
dz of eye
unendurable, intolerable pain
bright red hemorrhage
dry mucous membranes
like ice water running along nerve
hot hands/cold feet
tingling, numbness & formication
everything tastes bitter, except water
worse from: ailments from exposure to dry cold, around midnight
better from: lying on back (cough)
conditions of great intensity & violence, great restlessness, tossing about
unquenchable thirst for cold water
fear of death
prediction of day, even hour of their death
shrieking w/pain
moaning, weeping, lamenting, piteous wailing
gnaws the fists
panic attacks
intense anxiety
Aconitum napellus (acon.) Common Name: Monkshood
rheumatic dz-muscle, joints
bronchitis, pleuritis, pneumonia, influenza
continuous febrile conditions
acute mastitis
Bryonia alba (bry.)
Common Name: White Bryony
stitching (sharp, jabbing), bursting, severe pains
joints red, swollen, & hot
dryness of mucous membranes
offensive, smelling like old cheese-stool
very painful cough; must hold chest, sides, or head on coughing
pneumonia, right side
worse: motion, warmth, after vexation, 9pm, morning on 1st motion
better: rest, pressure, lying on painful side, cold air & cold applications
Bryonia alba (bry.)
Common Name: White Bryony
great thirst for large quantities of cold water at long intervals
slow onset
aggravated by cabbage, beans, vegetables, fruit, bread
Bryonia alba (bry.)
Common Name: White Bryony
irritable, ill-humor
aversion to being spoken to
aversion to light, noise, touch
febrile delirium
desires to go home
irrational talk of business
fear of poverty
dislike to be carried or raised
Bryonia alba (bry.)
Common Name: White Bryony
rheumatic dz-muscle, joints, periarticular tissues
febrile conditions
herpetic eruptions
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)
I. Common Name: Poison Ivy
aching, bruised, sore
burning, stinging, pains-skin
dry teasing cough, often at night, w/taste of blood, although no blood is to be seen
perspiration except on face
metallic taste in mouth
hoarseness when starting to talk or sing which improves after talking a while
worse: rest; morning after lying still all night, on beginning to move, exposure to cold (esp while perspiring), exposure to wet, damp wather, night
better: continued motion; during exercise, warmth, lying on something hard, rubbing, massage
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)
I. Common Name: Poison Ivy
unquenchable thirst for cold drinks-which may aggravate, as in fever
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)
I. Common Name: Poison Ivy
fears he will die
fear of being poisoned
Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t.)
I. Common Name: Poison Ivy
febrile dz-known as fever remedy
acute conditions
1st stages of inflammation
dz of eye
Aconitum napellus (acon.) Common Name: Monkshood
unendurable, intolerable pain
dryness of mucous membranes, skin, eyes
like ice water running along the nerve
hot hands/cold feet
tingling, numbness & formication
whooping cough
everything tastes bitter, except water
eye ailments
worse: ailments from exposure to dry cold winds, around midnight
remedy for dysentery, sunstroke
cough better from lying on back
Aconitum napellus (acon.) Common Name: Monkshood
* Fear of death
* Prediction of day, even hour of their death
* Oversensitive to pain
* Shrieking with pain
* Pains insupportable, driving him to despair
* Moaning, weeping, lamenting, piteous wailing, gnaws the fists (children)
* Dislikes talking
Aconitum napellus (acon.) Common Name: Monkshood
* Sudden, rapid onset (nature of remedy)
* Conditions of great intensity & violence
* Great restlessness, tossing about
* Unquenchable thirst for cold water
§ Only thing that doesn't taste bitter.
Aconitum napellus (acon.) Common Name: Monkshood
febrile dz-remittent fevers
otitis media
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
* Pains
* Severe & Intense
* Burning, throbbing, shooting
* Constriction (circular muscles; sphincters)
deep or bright red
* Throbbing of carotids (or any part)
* Dilated pupils
* High-grade fevers
* Generally without perspiration; perspiration on covered parts only
opisthotonos-backward arching
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade

§ Motion; from any jarring
§ Light
§ Noise
§ After taking cold; any DRAFT (especially on head)
□ Wants to be wrapped up warmly
□ Uncovering head; haircut; washing head
§ Touch; lying on painful side
§ Lying down
§ Heat of sun
§ After 3PM; after midnight
§ Right Side
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
§ Wrapping up warmly
§ Sitting semi-erect
§ Bending backwards (especially abdominal pain)
§ Leaning head against something (headache)
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
○ Acute, sudden, violent manifestation
§ Symptoms arise rapidly, resolve rapidly
○ Violent thirst (but water may agg.); or no thirst (may have fear of water b/c it is painful)
○ Disturbed sleep
§ Jerking, twitching, involuntary motions
§ Talking, moaning, shrieking
§ Sleeps with head burrowed in pillow
○ Desires lemons & lemonade
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
○ Delirium
§ Hallucinations; fearful images
□ Ghosts, hideous faces, monsters, animals, insects
□ See in children w/fevers
○ Fear of dogs; black dogs
Belladonna (bell.) Common Name: Deadly Nightshade
* Psychotic states, Manic states, Delirium Tremens, Dementia
* Convulsions, Chorea
* Febrile delirium
Hyoscyamus niger (hyos.) Common Name: Henbane
* Spasm, twitching, jerking
* Convulsions
* Clonic and/or Tonic
* Foaming at mouth
* Swallowing difficult due to constriction
* As seen in rabies.
* Dread of liquids
* Speech difficult, inarticulate
* Sordes on teeth-brown crusts, usually seen when GI not working well
* Eyes
* Many disturbances of vision

* Desires to be naked (hyperaesthesia of cutaneous nerves)

* Worse
* Strong emotions (jealousy, fright, disappointed love)
* Touch
* Cold
* Eating & drinking
* Better
* Company (fear of being left alone)
* Sitting up (cough)
Hyoscyamus niger (hyos.) Common Name: Henbane
* Debility; prostration
* Restlessness
* Spasm, twitching, jerking, quivering, trembling
* Chilly
Hyoscyamus niger (hyos.) Common Name: Henbane
* Ailments from:
* Strong emotions
* Disappointed love; jealousy
* Fright
* Stupor
* Stupor, unconsciousness; does not reply to questions; does not recognize any one; answers properly, but immediately stupor returns
* Refuses to answer; gives irrelevant answers; abrupt, short answers to imaginary questions
* Mutters, prattles, talks of absurd things
* Does not recognize relatives
* Suspiciousness
* Grasps at flocks (imaginary things in the air)
* Speaks with persons not present, dead people
* Objects appear enlarged
* Uncovers body, especially sexual parts; sings amorous songs
* Fears
* Being poisoned
* Being left alone; of betrayal
* Water
Hyoscyamus niger (hyos.) Common Name: Henbane
nervous system
febrile conditions
* Worse
* In the dark
* When alone
* Bright or shining objects (mirror, surface of water, etc.)
* After fright
* After sleep
* Better
* Light
* With company
* Warmth
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
* Painlessness
* Unlike hyos & belladonna
* Opium has this feature, too.
* Gyratory, graceful motions
□ Angular, jerking motions in hyos
* Opisthotonos-arching backwards
□ * High-grade
* Hot & red face with coldness of hands & feet
rabies remedy
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
* Aversion to water (but can be thirsty)
* Jerking, twitching, convulsions
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
* Often fearful
* Sees animals, insects, people not present, evil spirits, black images
* Devoured by, attacked by dogs
* Grasps at imaginary objects; picks at the bedclothes (carphologia)
* That he is God, then he is the devil
* As to the shape & size of his body parts and objects
* Incoherent, rapid, incomprehensible, foolish, babbling, prattling
* Stuttering, stammering speech
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
* Biting, striking, scratching, kicking those around
* Lewd & Foolish Behaviors
* Fears
* of the dark
* of being alone; imagines he is alone in the wilderness
* of animals; dogs (black dogs)
* of water
* Child awakens terrified, knows no one, screams with fright, clings to those near
Stramonium (stram.) Common Name: Thorn Apple
* Inflammatory Conditions of Upper Respiratory Tract
* Acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis
* Croup, Whooping Cough
mucous membranes
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* Profuse, ACRID & EXCORIATING discharge; burning & corroding nares of nose & upper lip
* Sensitive to odor of flowers (with coryza)
□ Hayfever in August
* Fullness;
* Burning, biting, smarting in the eyes
* Redness, itching
* Sensitive to light
* Profuse, BLAND lachrymation
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* From constant tickling in larynx
* From inhaling cold air
* Severe laryngeal cough, which compels patient to grasp larynx; feels as if cough would tear or split it
* Hoarse, harsh, ringing, spasmodic cough; cough produces a raw, splitting pain in larynx, so acute and so severe as to compel patient to crouch from suffering, and to make every effort to suppress cough
* Constant inclination to hack so as to relieve tickling in larynx
* < Warm room, evening, lying
* > Open air
* Heaviness, fullness, pressure
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* Jerking, stitching pains in ear
* Severe laryngitis
* Hoarseness of voice
* Copious expectoration of mucus
* Colic (in children)
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* Worse
* Warm room
* Ailments from cold, damp wind; getting feet wet
* Evening
* Cold air (provokes cough)
* Better
* Open Air
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* Generally Left-sided
* Ailments go from Left to Right
* Warm
* Thirsty
* Desire for raw onions
* Wakes from sleep at 2 a.m. (often due to fever)
IV. Mental/Emotional
* Mental dullness & confusion
Allium cepa (all-c.) Common Name: Red Onion
* Mucous Membranes
* Eyes
* Nose
* Upper Respiratory Tract
* Eyes
* Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, iritis (rheumatic), keratitis, pterygium
* Paralysis of CN III (Oculomotor)
* Often affects margin of lower lids
* Nose
* Acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis
Euphrasia (euphr.) Common Name: Eyebright
* Eyes
* Inflammation, swelling, redness
* Burning, biting
* Discharge/Lachrymation
* Profuse
* Thick
* ACRID & EXCORIATING; burns & excoriates the cheeks
* Mucus
* Film over cornea, blurring vision
* > Wiping eye or winking
* Marked photophobia & aggravation from light
* Coryza
* Profuse, BLAND nasal discharge
* With excoriating lachrymation
* < Lying
cough* > Lying, Night, Eating
Euphrasia (euphr.) Common Name: Eyebright
* Worse
* Light, sunlight
* Wind (= lachrymation)
* From taking cold (many eye affections)
* Night (except cough, which is better)
* Lying (coryza)
* After sleep
* Better
* Lying (cough)
* Night (cough)
Euphrasia (euphr.) Common Name: Eyebright
○ Mucous Membranes
§ Inflammation (catarrhal affections)
§ GI, nose, eyes, ears, urinary tract, lungs
§ Dysentery, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis media, asthma, etc.
○ Skin

§ Rheumatic conditions, especially back & neck
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet
○ Excessive mucus secretion
§ Increased urgency to stool when cold
§ Crusts, scabs -cradle cap
○ Inarticulate speech from a swollen tongue, but talks incessantly
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet
○ Worse
§ Ailments from COLD, WET WEATHER
§ Change of weather from HOT to COLD, especially SUDDEN changes
§ COLD (including drinks, food, damp ground, to feet, becoming chilled or wet when warm or sweaty)
§ Rest
§ Evening & Night
§ Lying (Cough)
○ Better
§ Warm, dry weather
§ Warmth
§ Motion
§ Cold (Urticaria & Cough)
§ Open Air (Cough)
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet
○ Ailments from COLD, COLD DAMPNESS
○ Excessive mucus excretion
○ Generally thirsty for cold drinks
§ Thirstless with fever
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet
○ Depressed mood; anxiety about the future
○ Mental Confusion
§ Cannot find the right word
§ Forgets what he was about to say
Dulcamara (dulc.) Common Name: Bittersweet