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Hostity/ haterd toward Jews
Hitler's master race?
Ayran race
What were Einsatzgruppens?
The Mobile Killing squads
Answer to the Jewish question
The final soultion
Set of laws that stiped the rights from Jews
Nuenburge Laws
Rundown areas in the outskits of town
How did ghettos kill the jews (3)
Hunger, heat, and diseases.
A death and Concentraition camp?
Hitler also wanted to kill whom? (3)
Catholics, Polish, Gyspies.
What was the key to survival?
Jews believed they wouldn't be killed because they thought the were the what of Hitler?
labor force.
Kristallnacht was what?
The night of broken glass.
D.P. means
displaced person
Isral was born on
May 14, 1948
What were the (3) categories of crimes the Germans were changed with?
war, peace, and humanity.
People who said that the holocaust never happened.
Jews wore waht as a mark of shame?
The Star of David.
Protest Monk who said Jews were 2nd to Hitler
Martin Luther
Arbit Macht Frei meant what?
Work means freedom.
"All that it takes for evil to trium is for good to do nothing"
The message of the holocaust.