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concentration camp
A place where political enemies & prisoners of war are held. Without trial or explanation, the Nazis imprisoned Jews & everyone else they wanted out of the way. They used their camps to terrorize people and silence opposition.
is an acronym for the Nazionalsozialische Partei, or National Socialist German Workers' Party. This was a fascist group under the leadership of Adolf Hitler
to harm often or unjustly. The Nazis persecuted Jews and other groups they called "inferior races," such as Slavs & Gypsies.
a plan for spreading opinions. Nazi propaganda to discredit Jews & to promote the master race theory bombarded the German public through every communication channel possible: schools, the press radio, books, magazines, paintings, stage plays, films, songs, etc.
a secret organization that resists foreign domination & works to free its country. aka Resistance
a person or thing made to take the blame for the mistakes of others. Nazis Used Germans Jews as scapegoats for all the economic, social & political problems after WW1. also natural disasters & epidemics
death camps
a place expressly designed for the purpose of killing.
Third Reich*
the German government under Nazi control between 1933 & 1945.
often used to mean hateful feelings for of actions against Jews
a planned killing of an entire racial or cultural group of people.
an opinion on judgment made in advanced w/out good reason
part of a city where Jews were were forced to live.
a division of the SS. a plainclothes secret police force, the Gestapo was in charge of imprisoning all Nazi enemies, including Jews.
labor camps
where Nazi prisons were inmates were forced to work. Nearly all Nazi camps used prisoners as cheap labor force
the abbreviation for Schutzsraffel, a private army of elite highly trained Nazi guards
an organized & often officially approved attack on a minority group.
to allow only a fixed amount. Germans strictly rationed food & other supplies to the citizens of their land
the nations that fought against Germany, Japan & Italy during World War ll
is a cruel and brutal act.