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What was the background behind the Red Scare?
Soviet Union a strange bed fellow during the end of WWI, but tensions high. End of War relations back during cold war
What is HUAC?
The House Committee on Un-American Actives
Who was the chair of HUAC?
Chair: J. Parnell Thomas
What happened during the hearings of spring 1947?
1) Began with friendly witnesses: Mayer, Disney and Montgomery, who told the committee what they wanted to hear
2) Called directors, producers and writers "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"
3) 10 people refused to answer on moral principle, including Dmytry, Scott, Swason and Trumbo): Hollywood Ten
What Happened to the Hollywood Ten?
Fired by the studios.
Initially supported by others as 1st amendment rights cause but support vanished as people started losing their jobs.
What was the Waldorf Declaration?
MPPDAA (Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association) head Eric Johnston after meeting in Waldorf Astoria said they would not employ or reemploy any members of the Hollywood 10.
What was Blacklisting and its effect?
can you give an example of blacklisting
1) Don't hire this person because
2) Pseudonyms and fronts.

Jean Muir was blacklisted for signing a letter of congratulations to the Moscow Theater on their 50th anniversary. Part of the "Red Channel" now
What type of films were produced in response to the blacklist?
Anti-Communist films:
i) "My Son John", "I Was a Communist for the FBI", "The Red Menace", "I Married a Communist." All flops
b) Anti-Blacklist films
i) "The Day the Earth Stood Still, "High Noon"- written by Carl Foreman
Who were the American Business Consultants
Consultant who investigated if an individual was red or not.
What was the Red Channels?
Red Channels: The Report of Communist Influence in Radio and Television. Named names of supposingly communist indivudals. Drove actor Philip Loeb to suicide.
what did Aware Inc do ?
aprogram to un communist yourself, usually naming names and such.