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If you are the first on the scene after a break-in what is the first thing you should do?
Notify the manager & touch nothing.
What must be your FIRST action if you become aware of a fire?
Alert other persons in the workplace.
To ensure the safety of clients, when must electrical equipment be checked?
Every time it is used.
When and how often should a therapist's hands be washed?
Before and after each client.
Who is responsible for producing systems in the workplace to meet the requirements of the Health Safety at Work Act?
The employer.
Which of the following is contagious (spead by touch) condition?
Eczema - Cold sore - Hay fever - Dermatitis.
Cold sore
What do the letters RIDDOR stand for?
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.
What do the letters RIDDOR stand for?
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations.
What are the correct procedures for handling contaminated waste?
Follow local authority guidelines.
Insurance to cover employees on the premises in required by which act?
Employer's Liability Act.
How would you deal with an accident to a client in you workplace?
Seek immediate qualified assistance, inform your supervisor and enter details in the accident book.
Why is it important to impose limits on treatments a therapist can do?
To protect the public and make sure the therapist acts within insurance cover.
What is the main reason a therapist should wear professional dress?
To reassure clients and present a professional image.
Who is the best person to ask if you need help with a therapy treatment problem?
Your supervisor/employer.
Who should be responsible for the client's personal belongings brought into the workplace?
The client.
What is the primary reason for keeping accurate treatment records?
The therapist will need to consult them.
Give a purpose of a professional body.
Provide insurance.
To offer help & advice.
Protect the public.
Where is the ideal place to list emergency telephone numbers?
First aid box.
What does the letter C in COSHH stand for?
Who is the best person to give guidance regarding security measures in the salon?
Crime prevention manager.
Which symbol identifies a substance is an irritant?
A cross.
Can bacteria exist in oxygen free areas?
Can antiseptics be used on the skin?
Can antiseptics be used on the skin?
Is the clients maiden name required on the client record card.
Does second hand equipment come under the Provision & use of Work Equipment Regulations?
Which symbol, on product packaging means 'toxic'?
A skull and crossbones.