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What is the natural shedding process of the skin called?
What is cell division called?
Which cells produce melanin?
What is the main function of melanin?
Gives the skin its colour & protects it from the sun.
What is the arector pili?
A muscle attached to the hair follicle.
What type of gland is the eccrine?
Sweat gland.
What type of gland is the appocrine?
A sweat gland.
Which layer of the dermis contains capillaries?
Papillary layer.
Name the gland that secretes sebum
Sebaceous gland.
Name the two main substances that make up the acid mantle.
Sweat & sebum.
What is the ideal Ph level of the skin on the face?
5.5 - 5.6
What should the bodies temperature be maintained at?
36.8 C
What does vasoconstriction mean?
Constriction of the blood vessels.
What do lymphocytes produce?
What is the other name for platelets?
What is the muscle wall that seperates the left & the right sides of the heart called?
What are the vessels that transport blood away from the heart called?
Vessels that transport blood to the heart are called what?
Pulmonary circulation is the circulation of blood between where?
Heart & lungs.
The blood leaves the left side of the heart through which artery?
Deoxygenated blood is eventually returned to the right atrium via which vein?
Vena cava.
Where is the bicuspid valve?
Between the left atrium & ventricle.
Where is the tricuspid valve?
Between the right atrium & ventricle.
All arteries carry oxygenated blood except which?
Pulmonary arteries - they carry deoxygenated blood from the heart.