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Hodgkins Disease is an abnormal growth of tissue that starts?
lymph system
The metastasis is predictable to go to what sites?
non-nodal or extralymphatic sites- liver, spleen, bone marrow, lungs
Primarily affects what age group?
adoescents and young adults
Most common clinical presentation is?
asymptomatic enlarged cervical or supraclavicular lymphadenopathy
When the 1st typically found sentinal node is enlarged, it is found?
just over the bone on neck near the left clavicle
The enlarged lymph node characteristics are? Seldom you will find?
like small bebe's under the skin, freely moveable, NON-TENDER and UNI-LATERAL..
Seldom find axillary and inguinal nodes.
A persistent cough is found due to?
an enlarged medial stinal mass on CXR looks like a large lung mass ON TOP of the lung and will quickly go away.
Unexplained abdominal pain is explained by?
retroperitoneal nodes usually found on ultrasound
Systemic symptoms in the advanced stage include?
unexplained temp for 3+ days of >100.4, drenching night sweats, unexplained weight loss.
The "other" symptoms include?
anorexia, nausea, itching, pain worsens after alcohol
4 histologic types of Hodgkin disease are?
lymphocytic predominance, nodular sclerosis, mixed cellularity, lymphocytic depletion
Stage 1 means?
only 1 node affected and/or only extralymphatic site (liver, lungs, kidney or intestines) (1E)
Stage 2 means?
2 nodes affected on same side of diaphragm and involvement of 1 extralymphatic site on same side of diaphragm (11E)
Stage 3 means?
2 above or 2 below plus one additional site -has crossed diaphragm & spread to one of the other areas (111E)(spleen(111S),or both (111SE)
Stage 4 means?
spread to multiple different sites -diffuse spread with or without lymph node involvement.
If diagnosis is 1A, what does that mean?

Stage 1B means?
Stage 1, asymptomatic

Stage 1-Symptomatic-1st set of symptoms unexplained fever >100.4 for 3+ days, unexpl weight loss, night sweats.
An excisional biopsy is positive for hodgkins if it has?
Characteristics of these are?
Reed-Steinberg cells- biopsy is most definative dx.
Large multilobed nucleated w/cytoplasmand halolike clear zone around nucleolus "owl's eye's"
SE of chemo? Nsg interventions r/t side effects?
Nausea, weight loss with anorexia secondary to loss of sense of taste, and immunosuppression.
Infection control, isolation, hand washing, post warnings outside door
What tends to be the biggest deal for pt's getting chemo- psychosocially?
Body Image & hair loss
Lab tests used for Hodgkin include?
CBC, erythrocyte sed rate, serum ferritin & copper, liver function, UA's
Testing used for diagnostics include?
Chest CT w/contrast, Abdominal CT w/contrast, Bone marrow biopsy, excisional biopsy.
What is the cornerstone of therapeutic management?
multi-agent chemotherapy
What can be used for supplementing the chemo?
low dose involved field irradation
What side effects does the irradation cause?
Most common is fatigue, increased susceptibility to infections, destroys the good cells too, burns skin and increased risk for sterility and delayed puberty.
With the irradation markers, what tends to be an issue?
Not washing them off & don't use lotion
The chemo & irradation tx is based on what factors?
stage, age at diagnosis, presence or absence of B symptoms