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The science that deals with the manipulation of biological materials.
Recombinant DNA
Combination of two different pieces of DNA
the study of biology's effects on society and vice versa.
National Institutes of Health
Regulatory body involved in the Human Genome project.
Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC)
Approves gene therapy trials
Food and Drug Administration - Approves foods and drugs
US Department of Agriculture - Regulates food production adn approves specific food items
Environmental Protection Agency - makes recommendations on and enforces environmental laws
The computer based study dealing with the analysis and processing of biological information
Human Genome Project
The project to decode the entire human DNA sequence
Charles Darwin
Father of the Theory of Evolution and Natural Selection
Theory of Evolution
The theory that organisms adapt and develop over time to more adequately survive in their environment.
Francis Collin
Lead the NIH team in the HGP
Craig Venter
Lead the private branch of the HGP
Celera Corporation
Venter's Corporation
Adult Stem Cell
Stem Cells from Adult tissue, bone marrow stem cells
Embryonic Stem Cells
Stem cells from an embryo, potentially more valuable and more adaptable.
Hollow ball of cells that one can extract embryonic stem cells from
Cells that can become any type of cell
Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT)
Remove DNA from an egg, insert the donor DNA, stimulate cells to divide
Woo Suk Hwang
Korean Veteranerian who made the first dog clone (Snuppy) and was head of the stem cell labs until the contamination scandal.
Genetically modified organisms (GMO)
Any organism that has had it's DNA altered
Agrobacterium tumifaciens
the bacteria used to genetically modify plant cells
Ti Plasmid
DNA within aggrobacterium that will be inserted into the plant cell - the vector
DNA that puts the donor DNA into the chromosome
Flavr Savr tomato
the first GMO food approved for human comsumption
multi-national conglomerate that specializes in GMO plants
Inventor of the Flavr Savr - absorbed by monsanto as a result of patent infringement.
Gene Therapy
Replaces bad DNA with good DNA
a begnign virus used to transfer DNA into cells for gene therapy
Jesse Gelsinger
Teenager from AZ who died during a gene therapy trial for OTC
X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency
the bubble boy disease - gene therapy could cure
OTC Deficiency
gene therapy could cure
"Designer Babies"
Any baby that has in some way been bred for certain traits
elimination of undesirable traits in the population through one method or another
Therapeutic cloning
cloning for hte purpose of harvesting stem cells
Reproductive cloning
Generates a living organism and the product goes to term
The first cloned sheep from an adult stem cell - sort of.
First cloned dog, Korea.
Genetic Savings and Clone
A company that will clone your cat and soon your dog.
Ian Wilmut
The Scotsman who cloned Dolly.
The first cloned cat
Severino Antinori
Fertility expert who wants to clone humans and claims to have already done so.