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What was written about food and eating by anthropologists more than a century ago dealt mostly with what?
Studied food to see how loyal people were to their culture, their relationship with people. What food could be used for.
Eating can excite deep ambivalence in people because…
food is any substances that provide the nutrients necessary to maintain life and growth when ingested,
What is the difference between feeding and eating?
Eating is distinguished from feeding by the ways in which humans use food.
What does ‘food habits’ mean?
Ways in which humans use food (selected, obtained, distributed, prepared, served, eaten)
Explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in terms of the development of food habits.
Physical need (need to eat), social (ie. eat at a bar), belongingness (eat out to feel belong), status (people use as status. ie. Eating at the newest restaurant, etc.), self realization (once gotten, feel good about self)
What is food?
Any substance that provides the nutrients necessary to maintain life and growth when ingested
The human tongue has receptors for the perception of four basic taste sensations. What are they?
1)Sweet, 2)sour, 3)salty, 4)bitter
Many flavors are recognized mainly through
Taste is also influenced by
color, aroma, cost
Family structure can necessitate...
Food as ‘self-expression’ is evident in the experience of
...dining out
The term “restaurant” comes from French and was first used in the...
It is the_____use of food that is important to each cultural group. (ex. Breaking of bread = body of Christ , wine = blood)
What is religion?
System of beliefs expressed through rituals and symbols.
What are sacred foods?
Spiritual essence of all things that sustain human life on earth.
The offering of food is the most direct method of
communication and exchange between one person and another requiring neither language nor learning.
Many religious practices contribute to a society’s
unity and solidarity
Individual adherence to a religious diet is often based on
family origin
All Orthodox and some Conservative Jews follow the dietary laws known as
____means fit
In the Jewish religion, all cooked meats must be prepared before sundown on Friday because of the...
Sabbath ( devoted to rest, relax, and prayer) because no fires allowed to be kindled after sundown
The many round foods that appear in the new year customs of many cultures can be read as symbols of____and____.
unity and continuity
What is the most important festival of the Jewish year.
The Passover Seder is a...
celebration meal. (plate filled with 7 items: roasted shank bone, roasted egg, bitter herbs, mixture of apples nuts cinnamon & wine, green vegetables, …
In a few religions, fasting can be broken if...
there are health conditions
The typical holiday fare in most religions depends on...
your family background, where you came from.
Fasting is seen as an opportunity to prove that...
soul can rule the body
Who was the ardent prohibitionist that developed an alternative to communion wine?
Dr. Thomas Welch (Methodist) – dentist that invented Welch’s grape juice
Why did the millers choose the name “Quaker Oats” for their new product?
They respected the Quakers for their wholesomeness, pure, simple, etc. It was a tribute to them.
Dr. Kellogg invented corn flakes as a tasty substitute for...
Meat (protein in corn flakes)
Islam is not only a religion, it is a...
way of life
In the Islamic culture, if eating utensils are not used, one should only use their____hand because...
right hand...left hand is considered unclean.
Five categorizations of food are...
protein, dairy, grains, fruits, & vegetables
What are core foods?
Staples regularly included in a person’s diet.
What are complimentary foods?
Flavor familiarity associated with core foods
What are secondary foods?
Foods that are widely but less frequently eaten.
What are peripheral foods?
Eaten only sporadically (on special occasions, etc.)
The final element of what constitutes a meal is...
portion size
There is a genuine understanding in the world today that a good and balanced diet is_____, but beliefs about what specific foods constitute a health-promoting diet varies.
essential to well being
In many ways, cooking in California (and the world) is founded on...
adaptive process