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What is heredity?
It is the process through which traits are passed from parents to offspring.
What is an acquired trait?
It is one that an organism develops after it is born.
Where do acquired traits come from?
Some come from the environment, others are learned, and others are brought about deliberately.
What does DNA look like?
It consists of two long, parallel strands that coil around each other like a twisted ladder.
What are chromosomes?
They are rod-shaped structures of coiled DNA.
What is a gene?
It is a short segment of DNA.
What are nucleotides?
They are the basic units of DNA.
What is a mutation?
It is when an error occurs during DNA replication.
What is asexual reproduction?
It is when offspring come from a single parent through mitosis.
What is an inherited trait?
It is a trait that a parent passes on to its offspring, such as eye color.