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they bind to the cells to cause the infection
what does tat and rev do
RNA synth. and trans to cytoplasm
what is nef protien
important for pathogenicity
pol does what
encodes reverse transcriptase major target of NRTIs
what is the primary receprto for attachment of HIV1

how is immune to HIV
mutant CCR5
usually european whites
HIV was cured once how
bone marrow transplant from a person with CCR5 mutation
how is HIV diagnosed
antibody capture ELISA to detect antiHIV antibody detects IgG but takes time to get that in the blood so u have to wait a while before u can find out, must wait 2 too 14 weeks

western blot is used to confirm because ELISA can give false pos.

this test will not work on newborns of infected mothers

PCR to detect proviral DNA in peripheral blood cells in new borns

nucleic acids test can be used to find disease 12 days after exposure
what is quantititive RT-PCR used for
used to measure viral load for treatment
transmission of HIV ?
blood, needle sharing, tattoing
blood transfusino
vaginal seretions
breast milk
what is used to preven mom child transmission
short term combination therapy
what is the definition of AIDS
HIV infection and less than 200 CD4 t/mm
who are long term non progressors
what is the most common killer in HIV
pneumocystis jirovici-fungal disease caused pneumonia
esophageal candidissis-generally not life threatening
Kaposi sarcoma
oral hairy leukoplakia
cytomegalovirus retinitis
mycobacterium avian complex
JC polyomaviris-fatal brain disease
molluseumcontagiosum virus
B cell lymphomas
invasive cervical carcinoma
what are the treatments for HIV
protease inhibitors
Fusion inhibtors
integrase enzyzme inhibitors
CCR5 attachment inhibitors
what vaccines can be used in HIV pt
any vaccine that is inactivated