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What is populism
Revolt of farmers and working people
Omaha Platform
(Politicle party agenda) wanted free silver, income tax, 8 hour workdays, direct election od senators, recall
"Cross of Gold"
William Jenning Bryan
Super Patriot
Yellow Journalism
Journalism based on half truth
Remember the maine
Came out from the news papers
Platt and teller amendments
Said we would free cuba
Rough Riders/ San Juan Hill
Teddy Roosevlets crew
Social gospel
group of preachers that gave away food, shelter and clothing
Trust Busters
Roosevelt - took companies to court
Stir up dirt
The Jungle/Upton Sinclair
Bad condition Meat processing plants
The Octopus
Amendment 16
Income Tax
Amendment 17
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Womens right to vote
Created alot of national forest
Stewarship Theory
Teddy Rosevelts represent all the people in the US
Open door Policy
John Kay policy toward china
Russo-Japanese War
Roosevelt ended war with china and recieved piece prize
Big Stick diplomacy
Forces the U.S. ideas
Roosvelt Corollary
Became police of the W Hemisphere
Panama canal
Roosevelt made the dirt fly
Dollar Diplomacy
Taft made for Cheveron
Election of 1912
Woodrow wilson won
Bull moose party
Teddy's Party
Womens right to vote
Anti Alcohol
"Dollar" Mark Hanna
Dealmaker for republican
William Randolph Hearst
NY Journalist
Joseph Pulitzer
NY Post
The judge
William Howard Taft
The Professor
Woodrow Wilson
Alfred Thayer Mahan
Pushed panama canal
Adm. George Dewey
Won battle of Manel Bay
Robert LaFollette
Senator leader from agressive republic
Hiram Johnson
Gov, Senator
John Hay
Secretary of State
"Princess" Alice Roosevelt - LOngwroth
Teddy's Daughter
Carrie Nation
Lady in black dress caried hatchet and destroyed bars
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Leader of womens right to vote