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Son of King Mongkut
King Rama V
Another name for King Rama V
King Chulalongkorn
The person who administered the country when King Rama V was under age
First Siamese King to travel abroad
King Chulalongkorn
3 Destinations that King Rama V travelled to
1. Java
2. India
3. Singapore
Duration of the rule of King Chulalongkorn
37 years
Date of death of King Rama V
Type of policy that King Rama V used
Friendship and diplomacy
Reason for the signature of 'Treaty with France'
To prevent France from furthering their power to Indo-China
2 Different years where the 'Treaty of France' was signed
1904 and 1907
2 terms of 'Treaty with France'
1. Siam gave up Simreap and Battambang to France.
2. French gave up their extraterritorial rights in Siam
2 states that Siam gave to France in 'Treaty with France'
1. Simreap
2. Battambang
Advantage of the signature of 'Treaty with France'
Helped Siam to preserve their independence and prevented open conflict with French
British + French = Siam = Buffer State
By making Menam River neutral
Treaty that was signed in 1909
Treaty of Bangkok
Two countries that signed the 'Treaty of Bangkok'
1. Siam
2. Britain
2 terms of 'Treaty of Bangkok'
1. Siam rights over the Malay states were transferred to British
2. British surrendered their extraterritorial rights
4 Malay states that Siam had rights over
1. Perlis
2. Kedah
3. Kelantan
4. Terengganu
2 Social reforms of King Chulalongkorn
1. Stopped prostration
2. Abolished slavery
2 Education reforms of King Chulalongkorn
1. Prince Damrong as Minister of Education
2. Education Dept. was set up
2 Administrative reforms of King Chulalongkorn
1. Prince Damrong as Minister of Home Affairs
2. Siam divided into 18 areas
2 Judicial reforms of King Chulalongkorn
1. Prince Rabi as Minister of Justice
2. Law school set up
2 Economic reforms of King Chulalongkorn
1. Trade with Western powers increased
2. Communication improved