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What was Thailand formerly known as?
Who renamed Siam as Thailand?
Pibul Songgram
Who was the Prime Minister of Thailand who renamed Siam as Thailand?
Pibul Songgram
What does Thailand mean?
Land of the Free
Why was Thailand means Land of the Free?
it was never directly colonised by the Western powers
How did Thailand managed to keep her independence?
Due to King Mongkut and King Chulalongkorn foreign policy with Western powers
Who was the fist king to open Thailand's door to the westerners?
King Rama III
King Rama III was also known as?
King Chesda
Who led British mission to Siam?
Captain Henry Burney
What was the British mission led by Captain Henry Burney in 1825 to Siam about?
To ask for trade concessions for British merchant
Did King Rama III agree to sign the Burney Treaty?
Why did King Rama III agree to sign the Burney Treaty?
Fear the British would attack Siam
What was the first treaty signed between Siam and British?
Burney Treaty
When was Burney Treaty signed?
20 June 1826
State 2 terms of Burney Treaty
1. British allowed to trade freely with Siam
2. British to not interfere in Perak and Selangor's government
Who led American mission in 1833?
Edmund Roberts
What was the mission led by Edmund Roberts in 1833 about?
To deal for commercial relation with Rama III
Who signed the treaty between America and Siam?
Edmund Roberts and King Rama III
State 2 terms of the American treaty with Siam
1. American was granted trading concessions with Siam
2. Siamese will reduce the port duties to the Americans
When was the American consulate was set up in Siam?
What was set up in 1856 in Siam?
American consulate
King Mongkut was also known as what?
King Rama IV
When was King Rama IV born?
When was King Mongkut bypassed by his half-brother?
Who was his half brother?
Prince Chesda
What did King Mongkut do when he was bypassed?
Entered a monastery and become a monk
What did he do as a monk?

Languages: Pali, Sanskrit and Latin
Subjects: Mathematics, Science and Astronomy
When did King Mongkut become a king?
2 people who signed the Bowring Treaty
King Mongkut and John Bowring
When was Bowring Treaty signed?
April 1855
What were the terms of Bowring Treaty?
British to:
a. Trade freely in Siam
b. Buy land or rent within 6km of Bangkok
c. Have extraterritorial rights
d. Send British envoy and reside in Bangkok
State 2 Economic reforms of King Mongkut
a. Trade increased with Western powers
b. Duties on good lowered
State the Administrative reforms of King Mongkut
Brought experts to reorganize the government departments
State 2 Educational reforms of King Mongkut
a. Encouraged English education
b. Set up school in Bangkok
State 2 Social reforms of King Mongkut
a. Internal Communication improved
b. Freedom of press was allowed
What was King Rama V's other name?
King Chulalongkorn
Who administered the country when King Rama V was still a minor?
Who was the first Siamese king to travel abroad?
King Rama V/King Chulalongkorn
What were the places that King Chulalongkorn travelled to?
Java, India and Singapore
When did King Chulalongkorn ruled Siam?
When did King Chulalongkorn's rule in Siam end?
When did King Chulalongkorn die?
How long did King Chulalongkorn rule Siam?
37 years
Why was the treaty with France signed?
To prevent France from furthering their power to Indo-China
When was the treaty with France signed?
1904 and 1907
What were the terms of the treaty with France?
a. Siam gave up Simreap and Battambang to France
b. France gave up their extraterritorial rights in Siam
What did the France treaty help Siam?
To preserve their independence and prevented open conflict with French
State 2 Western powers that made Siam as a buffer state
British and French
How did British and French made Siam as a buffer state?
By making Menam River neutral
When was Treaty of Bangkok signed?
What were the terms of Treaty of Bangkok?
1. Siam rights over the Malay states of Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu were transferred to British
2. British surrendered their extraterritorial right
State 2 Social reforms of King Chulalongkorn
a. Stopped prostration
b. Abolished slavery
State 2 Educational reforms of King Chulalongkorn
a. Forced nobles to send their children to school
b. Appointed Prince Damrong as Minister of Education
State 2 Administrative reforms of King Chulalongkorn
a. Appointed Prince Damrong as Minister of Home Affairs
b. Siam was divided into 18 areas
State 2 Judicial reforms of King Chulalongkorn
a. Prince Rabi as Minister of Justice
b. Law school was set up
State 2 Economic reforms of King Chulalongkorn
a. Trade with Western powers increased
b. Communication was improved