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naval officer and author: promoted a large build up of the navy
Alfred T. Mahan
newspaper publisher; focused on sensational news reporting
William Randolph Hearst
who was the only Democrat Elected President from 1856 - 1912; elected in 1884 and 1892
Grover Cleveland
Led the Filipino resistance to U.S. takeover
Emilio Aguinaldo
promoted Dollar Diplomacy as best way to maintain stability in the wester Hemishphere
William Howard Taft
President who approved the annexation of Hawaii and the U.S. take over of the Philipines
William McKinley
Mexiacan revolutionary who attacked U.S. border towns
Pancho Villa
Populist candidate for president in 1896
William Jennings Bryan
assassinated over a patronage dispute
James Garfield
resigned as Assistant secretary of the Navy to lead an Army unit in Cuba
Theodore Roosevelt
President of the NAWSA; rejected radical tactics to gain woman suffrage
Carrie Chatman Catt
the Square Deal and New Nationalism were his programs for progressivism
Theodore Roosevelt
muckraker who exposed the conditions of the meatpacking industry
Upton Sinclair
Socialist Party nominee for President four times
Eugene Debs
Progressive Governor and senator from Wisconsin; first to use direct primary
Robert LaFollette
leader of the settlement house movement
Jane Addams
Muckraker author of Standard Oil study
Ida B. Tarbell
head of militant National Woman's Party; worked for amendment to protect women's rights after gain of suffrage
Alice Paul
his New Freedom policy advocated destroying monopolies
Woodrow Wilson
leading preservationist and founder of the Sierra CLub
John Muir
his assassination sparked the beginning of WWI
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
commander of the American Expeditionary
John J. Pershing
regulated the American economy during WWI as the leader of the War Industries Board
Bernard M. Baruch
Prime Minister of Great BRitain during WWI
David Lloyd George
led Senate opPosition to the League of NaTIONS
Henry Cabot Lodge
American Hero of WWI; captured 132 German soldiers alone
Alvin York
led "black pride" movement among blacks in 1920's; advocated return to Africa
Marcus Garvey
Attorney General; led raids against radicals during the Red Scare
A MItchell Palmer
American Pacifist; voted against declaration of war
Jeanette Rankin
led Bolshevik revolution in Russia
V.I. Lenin
Governor of New York before being elected president; had New Deal
Franklin D. Roosevelt
radio priest; sharp critic of the New Deal
Charles Coughlin
quiet politician; supported laissez-faire policies
Calvin Coolidge
leading poet of Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hues
defeated Hoover in 1928; first catholic to run for president
Alfred E. Smith
New Deal critic from Louisiana; Share our Wealth"
Huey Long
first to fly across Atlantic Ocean non-stop
Charles Lindberg
first woman on the cabinet
Frances Perkins
British economist; promoted deficit spending
John Maynard Keynes
defense lawyer in scopes trial
Clarence Darrow
made decision to drop the atom bomb
Harry S Truman
fascist dicator of Italy
Benito Mussolini
Physicist who headed the Manhattan Projectq
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Civil rights activist and union leader; pressured FDR into opening defense jobs for African Americans
A. Philip Randolph
Commander of Allied Forces in North Africa and D-Day
Dwight D. Eisenhower
British Prime Minister during most of WWII
Winston Churchill
introduced mass production technique to build WWI ships quickly
Henry J. Kaiser
defeated by Roosevelt in the 1940 election
Wendell Willkie
chaired the Senate committee investigating WWI profits
Gerald Nye
Leader of the Soviet Union during WWII
Joseph Stalin
responsible for Nixon's pardon
Gerald Ford
first African American to a serious candidate for president
Jesse Jackson
American President responsible for Camp David ACcords
Jimmy Carter
leader of nation involved with American hostages and a Reagan scandal
Ayotallah Khomemi
Egyptian president who signed Camp David Accords
Anwar Sadat
third party candidate in 1992 election; got 19 million votes
Ross Perot
developer who pinoeered the mass production of homes
william levitt
general fired for insubordination during the korean war
douglass macarthur
secretary of state who devised a plan to provide american aid for the reconstruction of europe after WWII
george marshall
cold war spy convicted of perjuy
alger hiss
1st black guy to play major league baseball
jackie robinson
developed polio vaccine
jonas salk
ran for president in 1948 as a dixiecrat
strom thurmond
american diplomat who 1st formulated the containment policy
george kennan
directed montgomery bus boycott
MLK jr
called ff paris peace summit afte the U2 incident
nikita khrushchev
ordered the building of the berlin wall
nikita krushchev
led vietnamese fight for independnce from france
ho chi minh
3rd party candidate in 1968; supported states rights/segregation
george wallace
established the peace corps
principal founder of the SCLC
MLK jr
author of the feminine mystique
betty fridan
first balck justice on the supreme court
thurgood marshall
nation of islam leader
malcom x
the top us negotiator with vietnam
henry kissinger
helped establish medicare and medicaid
lyndon b johnson