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why does Machiavelli believe it is better to be feared than loved?
because the bonds of love can be broken easily in times of danger but fear works all the time
why is a successful ruler both like a lion and a fox?
because foxes need to recognize traps and lions need to avoid wolves
What five values does M believe rulers should embrace, at least in public?
compassion, trustworthiness, kindness, guilelessness, and piousness
what qualities should a prince avoid AT ALL COSTS?
being hated and despised. Therefore, don't do these three things: take other people's lives, property or women. Unless you have a a really good reason for the first two. For the last one, never.
Why is it good for a prince to arm his own people but disarm those of an annexed territory?
arming subjects creates loyalty and helps defend the prince, disarming newly acquired ones helps defend against them overthrowing him
Under what circumstances is a fortress not strong enough to protect a prince?
no fortress can be as strong a protection as the people liking the prince
what actions, above all others, bring princes honor and prestige?
great enterprises (military campaigns) and noble examples
when can neutrality in times of war be dangerous?
when the loser sees you as a coward and the winner thinks you make a bad friend. Pick a side and stick with it. Pick the weaker one and that will be better for you because if you pick the stronger, and they win, you will be their girly girl.
why is it important for a prince not to impose excessive taxes or restrictions on commerce?
because you want them to be peaceful and good at their jobs. If they can't be happy with their jobs because you are giving them a million restrictions on it, and you are taxing their wazoos off, it's no good and they will not want peace.
why does a ruler's cruelty often get overlooked in history?
if he keeps his subjects united and loyal they will remember the good rule, not the cruelty that helped him rule well
how can a prince be hated for good deeds just as much as bad ones?
if bad people are around you, and you do good, they will think it is bad. corrupt people make you have to do bad things
why was Commodus a bad leader?
he indulged his soldiers, he fought as a gladiator which was not noble, and so he was despised. a conspiracy killed him.