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Mussolini - The Doctrine of Facism
War brings out nobility in man / facism rejects economically based philosophies. The state is absolute and collective > individual
Diel - The German Woman and [Nazism]
Need a 'new woman' who's honor is based on performing traditional household duties
We need better agriculture. The capitalist way (bad) is to introduce capitalism into agriculture. The socialist way (good) is to collectivize farms. The kulaks stand in the way, therefore they should be exterminated.
Slaves of the Depression
Depression sucks yada yada yada...
Bennett - Canada and the Great Depression
Canada realized during the depression that the larger purpose of capitalism is to work for the people, so if laissez-faire dosen't do this, the government must step in.
Laux - The Great Depression in Europe
Depression convinces Europeans that laissez faire dosen't work. John Maynard Keynes argues in 1936 that government should manipulate capitalism. Depression also makes nazism attractive and makes socialism more popular in Britan
Carsten - The Rise of Facism
Facism appeals to (1) lower-middle class (afraid of the future) (2) Former soldiers (war) (3) Youth (fiery leaders)
Kingoro - Japanese Nationalism and Expansionism
3 ways for Japan to escape from surplus population
(1) Emigration - but barred by other countries
(2) Entry into world markets - but also barred
(3) Imperealism = only way
Mao Zedong
It is the historic duty of the peasantry to overthrow unjust warlords / tyrants
Even though Ghandi is Hindu, he believes in a "religion of truth" i.e. he can put his views aside to achieve peace
Bettleheim - The Informed Heart
Physical + Mental punishment are used to break down prisoners coming to concentration camps. Bettleheim detatches himself from the prisoners and psychoanalyzes mindsets
Weingberg - A World at Arms
WWI and WWII are very different b/c of different origins and nature. WWI = fighting over role in the world / WWII = imperealism.
Goldhagen - Hitler's Willing Executioners
Easy peasey
Dower - Propoganda and Racism in the Pacific War
Japanese propoganda says non-axis west is the real imperealists / early defeats show shabby morrals / nukes prove bestiality / SE Asian actions prove cruelty