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What was the content of the Monroe Doctorine?
Europeans must not interfere in the affairs of the western Hemosphere.
What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctorine?
Protect newly independant countries in S. America from European influence or colonization.
What was the role of the Doctorine in Mexico and France in 1863?
France put fake Emporor in Mexico to try to rule. US was too busy with the cuban missle crisis to stop france. The fake emporor, Maxamillion (SP?), was executed by the Mexicans.
What happened with France and Panama during 1878?
The French tried to build the Panama Canal. We sent warships and the French withdrew.
What happened with Venezuela and Brittian during 1895?
We forced Brittian to settle a dispute with Venezuela peacefully and carefully.
What was the cause of the Spanish American War?
(Lust for Cuba)
Cuba belonged to Spain BUT we wanted to possess Cuba for Sugar plantations and Strategic location + good harbors.
What is yellow journalism?
YJ= Journalism that is really propaganda.
We wrote a lot about Spain. *look in notes*
What does "Remember the Maine!" mean?
US ships blew up a Havana Harbor and yellow journalism blamed it on spaine.
What was war like in the Philippines?
Our Navy sank Spain's entire Pacific fleet in Manila Bay.
What was war like in Cuba?
Teddy Roosevelt (then asst. Secretary of the Navy) organized a volunteer army that helped Cubans Rebels called **ROUGH RIDERS**
What was the betrayal of the Philippines from 1899-1902?
The Philippines wanted independance form Spain. We helped get rid of Spain but we kept the Philippines for ourselves.
What was the revolution in Panama? (Panama Canal)
***** LOOK IN NOTES *****
To ensure that the US had "stable, orderly, and prosperous neighbors, the US could ______________"
intervine in the internal affairs of Latin American countries.
What was Roosevelt's Motto?
"Speak softly and carry a big stick."
What was the trouble in Mexico?
***** Look in notes *****