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Stephen Douglas
U.S. Senator from Illinois sponsor of Compromise of 1850 & Nebraska-Kansas Act and advised popular sovereigny.
Winfield Scott
Unsuccessful candidate of 1852. OLD FUSS AND FEATHERS.
John C. Calhoun
the great nullifier!
Daniel Webster
U.S. Senator from Mass. Secured northern votes fro compromise of 1850
Henry Clay
U.S. Senator from Kentucky... the "great compromiser".
Popular Sovereignty
allowed people of terriortity to choose if they were enslaved or free.
engaging in private military action in a foriegn country
fugitive slave act
part of compromise of 1850, required state officials to return slaves back
Personal Liberty Laws
State laws that denied loyal jails federal officials
Compromise of 1850
congressinal legislation allowed calif to enter union as a free state
ostend manifesto
secret document writen in Ostend, Belgium describing a plan a acquire Cuba from Spain
kansas-nebraska act
created kansas and nebraska and opened new lands for settlement. bill designed to organize to use popular soverignty
gasden purchase
strip land purchased from mexico in 1843 for purpose of building railroad to pacific