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Hinton Helper
wrote a book called "The impended..." wrote a book banned in Southern States
John Brown
seized federal arsonal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia in 1859 in a failed attempt to start a slave revolt
Dred Scott
slave who sued unsuccessfully in Federal Court for freedom
Roger Taney
Chief justice in Supreme Court who wrote the Dred Scott descion.
Lecompton Consitution
proslavery kansas constitution that failed to pass the senate
John C. Breckenridge
unsuccessful presidential candidate of Southern democrats in 1860. But he did get vice president.
Jefferson Davis
only president of confederates states of america
freeport doctrine
statement made by Stephen Douglas he said .. "slavery could not exsist when people don't want it"
"Beecher's Bibles"
rifled muskets supplied to Anti-Slavery forces
Charles Sumner
beated by brooks for insulting remarks