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company towns
village built and run by a company where workers are required to live.
hearing and resolution of a disagreement between two parties through an impartial third
closed factory or place of employment caused by a strike; withholding of employment by an employeer
Business cycle
sequence of economic activity, usually consisting of recession, recovery, growth, and decline
Industrial Union
Union that represents every worker in a single industry regardless of his or her job
court order requiring an individual or company to do something or to prohibit a given action; used frequently to stop strikes
Real Wages
income adjusted to compensate for reduced earning power due to inflation
money that can be redeemed only at a company store.
record kept by companies of employees or former employees who are disapproved of or are to be punoshed or boycotted
Collective Barganing
negotiation between organized worlers and managment to rech an agreement on wages, hoursm and working conditions.