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what were the general golas of reconstrucion?
phyisical and political
what were the three main reconstruction plans?
Johnson, Radical Republican, and Lincon
who were scalawags?
whtie southerners who joined the republican party
who were carpetbaggers?
northerners who looked for political oppertunitys in south
why did carpetbaggers move south?
they looked for political oppertunities
what is the 13th amendment?
abolished slavery
what is the 14th amendment?
defined citizen ship and civil rights
what is the 15th amendment?
black male suffrage
what was the amnesty act of 1872?
allow former confederate leaders to vote and hold office
what was the objective of the Ku Klux Klan?
to return south to white mans rule
what wsa a trnant farmer?
a farmer who rents/lives on land
what is a sharecropper?
people who lived on land and grew crops to pay for it
why was sharecropping so bad?
because it slowly pushed share croppers back in to slavery because they couldnt grow enought to pay for dubts
what did the election of 1876 have to do with the ending of reconstruction?
it got ride of Johnson
how did Andrew Johnson become president?
Lincon was shot
what were the objectives of Johnsons reconstruction plan?
fix south
what was the freedmans buro?
helped blacks transition from slavery to freedom
what is a veto?
when the president denies a new law
what is a veto override?
when congress goes above the president adn passes a law anyway
what is impeachment?
when you kick the president out of office
what is teh Tenure of Office Act?
banned president from firing certin appointed officals with out senates consent
what did the tenure of pffice act have to do with Johnsons impeachment?
in 1868 he tested the act by firing secretary of war Edwin M. Stanton
what was the formal name given to the Radical Republican's reconsturction plan?
The Reconstruction Act
what were the components of the Radical Republicans plan?
register votes and new government
what created tension between the settlers and the western natives?
rail road going west
what was the Ft. Laramie treaty?
gave US rights to build more roads and forts on the plaines. in return US made payments to tribes for 50 years. also defined tribs hunting frounds.
what were the Medican Lodge Treaties?
provided for new reservations in the Indain territory
how big was a town ship?
6 miles by 6 miles
how many acres are in a section?
640 acres
what was the homested act of 1862?
any citizen or imagrent who planed to become citizen could claim 160 acres of public land
why did Red Cloud go to war?
in struggle for land natives were rarely successful for long
what did "ghost dancing" have to do with the massacare at Wounded knee?
solders tryed to get indains to stop "ghost dancing" and it caused fighting
what was George Custer trying to do when he and his men got massacred at Little Big Horn?
ordering tribes onto their reservations
what were the thress main reasons why settlers emigrated to the west?
rail roads
what was the Transcontinental Railroad
rail roads the go from on side fo the country to the other