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Lebansraum means...
living space
Nazi theory Lebansraum
country must have room for economic expansion, & countries east of germany should provide living space for empire
Hitler aka...
How did Hitler start WWII?
by invading Poland
Benito Mussolini aka...
Il Duce
How many deaths was Stalin responsible for?
about 20 million of his own people and others
Stimson Doctrine
denied diplomatic recognition of any territory taken over by force, response to Japan's invasion of Machuria
National Socialist German Workers' party
Totalitarian state in Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler
Third Reich
"Night of Broken glass" - night of terror against jews by Nazis
The systematic extermination of a whole cultural or racial group
prejudice against Jewish people
Giving in or pacifying someone to avoid conflict. Was followed before WWII by Britain and france to avoid conflict w/ hitler
Chamberlain agreed to give up the Sudetenland to Hitler in exchange for a promise to not seek any further territorial expansion (appeasement)
Munich Agreement
Pact signed by Nazi germany and soviet union - secured hitler's eastern front from soviet attack and gave stalin extra time to build up Soviet unions military strength
Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
Brittish statesman and author, rallied Brittish over the radio to up spirit during WW II
Winston Churchill
Known for failed policy of appeasement toward Nazi Germany. Participated in Munich Agreement and returned from conference proclaiming he had acheived peace.
Neville Chamberlain
French political leader, headed free french government in london during WWII
Charles DeGaulle
Laws passed to keep US neutral during beginning of WWII in Europe
Neutrality acts
Act which allowed the lease or lend of any defensive material to any country whose defense the president deems vital to the defense of the US
Lend-Lease act
Agreement between FDR and Winston Churchill which affirmed the right of people to choose their own government and be free of foreign agression
Atlantic Charter
Pact between Germany, Italy, and Japan signed in 1940
Tripartite Pact
Forced March of 78000 US and Filipino prisoners of war after defeat by the Japanese on the island of Bataan. Prisoners marched 65 miles with little food or water, 2/3 of americans died
Bataan death March
US Military leader, commander of US forces in Pacific
Douglas MacArthur
Commander of Allied Forces in Wstn Europe during WWII and commander of D day Invasion of France
Dwight D Eisenhower
June 6 1944, allied invasion of Germany occupied France
D Day
The second of three WWII meetings of US britain and the soviet Union. Decision made concerning dividing Germany into occupational zones, to allow free elections in E. Europe, and to have the soviet union enter the war against Japan as soon as Germany was defeated.
Yalta Conference
Holocaust deaths
6 million jews
US President after death of FDR - authorized use of Atomic Bomb
Harry S Truman
Scientific and technical program that set up atomic bomb research in New Mexico
Manhattan Project